Dynamic Nightie for Dawn Redux

Dynamic Nightie for Dawn Redux

A new version of the original Dynamic Nightie for Dawn, this new nightie includes a different geometry to make simming easier by not having separate geometry to form the neck and sleeve trim.

This includes 3 new nighties and updated materials to give the nightie more of a textured tight knit. These updated materials will work on the original nighties, and the material sets previously made for the original nighties will work on this updated version.

Please note that while previous material sets for the nightie will work with all of the new nighties, the sleeveless version will give you a missing material zone error. Just tell it not to create the missing zone and it will load fine. There's no sleeves on the sleeveless nightie, unlike the other two.

Included in this is jroulin's Easy Dynamic Script for all 3 versions of the nightie to make dynamics easier to do. The single included script in the Simulations folder will work on all 3 of the nighties.

While these should work in Poser 9 and above they have not been tested in anything before Poser 11 and only minimal support will be available for earlier versions of Poser.

The scripts work in both Poser 11 and 12, but not in anything older to my knowledge.

Software: Poser 10+

Compatible figures: Dawn - Dawn S.E.

Compatible figures: 
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