Fury for La Femme

Fury for La Femme

Fury is a kick-ass armor set that is sexy and full of possibility for art and fantasy. It's for the tough girls ...

... the ones who embark on epic journeys across wastelands to avenge their family honor ... the ones who survive on cunning and skill to mow down human and non-human creatures alike ... the ones who don't hesitate to take on anything and anyone who gets in the way of their destiny.

Fury is ready to bring it with crazy sex appeal, madness, and mayhem ... NO fear, only FURY!

Now, we have brought this user favorite to La Femme as well. We've done a professional conversion of the originals, taking care to preserve the UV mapping and morphs of the original (where appropriate). Some original morphs are excluded as they are covered with weight mapping and our current rigging system in Poser, making them repetitive and confusing.

Texture artists who enjoy working on V4 items will find the templates for both sets are exactly the same. New texture addons will be welcome!

Also included are the following La Femme morph sets:
Base Morphs
DC Body Kit
Femme Fatale
There are adjustment morphs for each piece if you have trouble with fitting or in certain poses.

For the Fury Cleaver, there are left and right hand poses.

Fury Bodice (.cr2 and .obj)
Left Thigh Armor (.cr2 and .obj)
Left Shoulder Armor (.cr2 and .obj)
Right Shoulder Armor (.cr2 and .obj)
Left Glove (.cr2 and .obj)
Right Forearm Armor (.cr2 and .obj)
Shin Armor, L & R (.cr2 and .obj)
Face Armor (.pp2 and .obj)
Armor Chain (.pp2 and .obj)
Hair Scalp (.pp2 and .obj)
Dreads (.pp2 and .obj)
Cleaver, L & R (.pp2 and .obj)

Software: Poser Pro 11, Poser 12

Compatible figures: La Femme Pro - Female Poser Figure, La Femme Base Figure - Included in Poser Pro 11

Compatible figures: 
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