Style Dynamic Evening Gown

Style Dynamic Evening Gown

Whether it is a gala, a grand opening, symphony, premier, or black tie event, what lady does not wish to make a stunning impression with her formal gown? Something that says "look at me" with elegance and grace. Styles for the Dynamic Evening Gown does just this. Designed with an eye to using the layers available in Superfly, these materials are suited for Superfly. There are Firefly materials included, but I cannot ensure that the two look the same, due to the inherent differences in Superfly and Firefly.

Included in this set are new object files for the Evening Gowns themselves, updating their UVs, with new templates also included in this set. If you have the original set, allow Poser to overwrite the older files.

Fun fact: Arsenic green and Paris green are both shades of green originally made possible because of arsenic. They were popular in the 1800's in fabrics and wall paper, until people started getting sick and dying from arsenic poisoning. Dawn and Victoria however are safe as no arsenic was used in the making of this product.

What's Included & Features

- Dynamic items (.obj)
--- Dynamic Evening Gown for Dawn
- Dynamic Evening Gown for Victoria 4

--- Materials (.mc6)
- Drape and Gown
--- Amber
--- Arsenic and Paris Green
--- Blue and Rose
--- Burgundy and Gold
--- Caramel and Chocolate
--- Lavender and Pink

- Dynamic Simulation Script

Software: Poser Pro 11+

Compatible figures: Victoria 4, Dawn - Dawn S.E.

Required Products: Dynamic Evening Gown and Drape for Dawn and Victoria 4

Compatible figures: 
Clothing for Poser