Conduit Living Room

Conduit Living Room

Transform your digital artistry with the Conduit Living Room—a striking 3D scene that seamlessly blends brutalist architecture and modern esthetics. Immerse yourself in a unique urban environment, featuring meticulously crafted pipes and contemporary furnishings. Perfect for adding a bold, industrial edge to your projects.

What's Included and Features:

- CLR Bottle Set A
- CLR Bottle Set B
- CLR Carpet
- CLR Ceiling
- CLR Curtain A
- CLR Curtain B
- CLR Dining Chair
- CLR Dining Table
- CLR Display A
- CLR Display B
- CLR Display C
- CLR Display D
- CLR Door
- CLR Drum
- CLR Floor
- CLR Guitar
- CLR Mirror
- CLR Music Box
- CLR Side Table
- CLR Sofa
- CLR Speaker
- CLR Stool Round
- CLR Television Rack
- CLR Wall East
- CLR Wall North
- CLR Wall South
- CLR Wall West
- CLR Window Left
- CLR Window Right

Textures Include:
-Up to 4k Textures
-Optimized for Iray

Installation instructions
Unzip to your favorite Working DS Library, choosing to overwrite existing, which will merely let the unzip program acknowledge your Data and runtime folders. No data will be lost.

Usage Tips
Other way to install, Go to the Content Library Tab then Right click the DAZ Studio Formats and click Add Base Directory then Choose the PRODUCT folder with data, environment and runtime. Then open the duf file in Environment/Clacydrach/ Folder.

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