Easy Environments: Winter II

Easy Environments: Winter II

The Easy Environments series for Daz Studio and Poser combines high-res 360° Skysphere/HDRI backgrounds with terrain geometry to place your characters on.

Winter II presents a lovely winter landscape.
The ground plane comes with several Morphs like foot and sled tracks.
Two of the foot tracks run side by side (for two figures walking together), the third track comes from the opposite direction (for figures meeting).
The scene loads with a Snow-Falling and a Snow-Drifting prop (hidden by default, unhide to use).

The HDRI (Iray) works well for "shadow-catching" renders without the geometry too.

The file formats are native .DUF for Daz Studio 3Delight and Iray, and .PP2 for Poser.

Lighting is included for all versions (Iray through the HDR environment, 3Delight parented to the skysphere, Poser as a separate preload).

What's Included and Features

  • Easy Environments: Winter II
  • Daz Studio Preloads: (.DUF)
    • FMEE Winter II Scene 3DL
    • FMEE Winter II Scene Iray HQT
    • FMEE Winter II Scene Iray
    • FMEE Winter II Sky 3DL
    • FMEE Winter II Sky Iray
    • Winter II Tree 01 3DL
    • Winter II Tree 01 HQ Iray
    • Winter II Tree 01 LQ Iray
    • Winter II Tree 02 3DL
    • Winter II Tree 02 Iray
  • Poser Preloads: (.PP2)
    • FMEE Winter II Sky P
    • FMEE Winter II Scene P
    • FMEE WII Tree 02-01
  • Poser Lights: (.LT2)
    • FMEE Winter II Lighting
  • Ground Plane Morphs:
    • W2M Flatten Plane
    • W2M SledBig Spacing
    • W2M SledBig Width
    • W2M SledBig
    • W2M SledSmall Spacing
    • W2M SledSmall
    • W2M Track 01 Stop
    • W2M Track 01-03
  • Textures Include:
    • 18 Diffuse, Bump and Specular Maps (up to 4096x4096)
    • 1 HDRI/Skysphere Texture (12000x6000)

Compatible Software:

DAZ Studio 4.10, Poser

Install Types:

Daz Connect, Install Manager, Manual Install