Emilo for G9 by Bu ES

Emilo for G9 by Bu ES

Emilio for Genesis 9 by bu_es
Emilio for G9. He is my new character.. Which is a tough and strong man. With a defect in the nerve of the face that makes her have part of it... Semi paralyzed. The left eye more closed and the corner of the mouth more drooping as well. Which gives it an even more rude look.
2 character preset
1 Head Apply and Remove
1 Body Apply and Remove
1 Body Option Apply and Remove
1 EyesBrows Apply (Fibermesh)
1 Hierarchical material
2 Genitalia mat (only mat!!)
2 Tattoo's LIE (Being LIE you can change places if you want.)
6 Eyes colors + Default Color
1 Scar on the face LIE on the left side of it.

The promos are without without subsequent retouching, only the assembly in Photoshop
It works in M9 but there is no apply for it although it is proven that it works. So you can play with M9 and Emilio calmly: It all depends on your creativity

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