DeadCorn Bundle

DeadCorn Bundle

DeadCorn gives everything you'll need to build your own cornfield.

What Halloween would be complete without a scary cornfield at night?

What Thanksgiving would be complete without Corn Bundles decorating your festivities?

DeadCorn is sure to give your holiday renders that special touch of Autumn atmosphere.

The DeadCorn bundle includes both the original DeadCorn Enhanced product, and also DeadCorn II, which includes a creepy ScareCrow cross, 2 ScareCrow hats, and a old fashioned farmer's pitchfork

Compatible 3D Figures
Compatible 3D Software
DAZ Studio, Poser
What's Included & Features
  • Cornbundle (CR2 & OBJ)
  • CornStalks (CR2 & OBJ
    • 3 completely poseable and translatable Cornstalks
  • DC CornRows(CR2 & OBJ)
  • Morph:
    • Hill
  • DC Furrows Ground figure (CR2 & OBJ)
  • Morphs:
    • Center Hill
    • Corner Hills
    • Corner Hills_l
    • Corner Hills_r
    • TandemLongHills
    • TandemLongHills2
  • DC Moon(CR2 & OBJ)
  • Fully poseable and translateable rope

    (Can be used as and additional prop)
  • PitchFork
    • Handle lengthening dial
    • Scaling Tines
    • Poseable Tines
  • Scarecrow Hat:
    • Scaled and positioned for Michael 3, however easily fit to other figures
    • Selectable and hideable straw for additional appearance options
    • Selectable and hideable band for additional appearance options
  • Scarecrow Hat2 includes all these features, and uses a different object file which has an additional front buckle.
  • The Ultimate Scarecrow Cross:
    • All parts selectable, scalable, translatable, hideable and poseable!
    • Hide Rags MAT pose and material
    • ERC built into the body for easy adjustments to different figures
    • Ropes and weeds can be used as additional decoration props.
  • MAT poses included for all figures for P4,PP,P5, DS and P6 material collection
  • All figures include 1024x1024 texture/bump/transmaps)
  • ScareCrow Cross includes Higher res 2048x2048 bump-trans and color maps
Environments and Props for Daz Studio and Poser