Gumdrops: Happy the Clown

Gumdrops: Happy the Clown

Sweetness and spice and everything nice....That's what 'Happy' is made of!After a long hiatus from cute, Littlefox returns with a new outfit for the Gumdrop line. Turn your darling Candy girl into a Clown of such sweetness that she is sure to win hearts.

  • Super cute modeling in the Gumdrop style you know and love.
  • Easy to texture Hair.
  • Easy to alter Clothing colors with just Flood Fill!
  • UVmaps all smooth and easy to work with, created in UVlayout.
  • Backdrop is jointed to allow repositioning and scaling of elements.
  • Created with Scrapbookers in mind!
  • Takes fabric swatches and resource materials easily!

Product Includes:

  • Happy for Candy Body (pz2 and dsa)
  • Happy Ponytails (cr2 and obj)
  • Happy Red Nose (cr2 and obj)
  • Happy Top (cr2 and obj)
  • Happy Puffy Pants (cr2 and obj)
  • Happy Clown Shoes (cr2 and obj)
  • Circus Stool (cr2 and obj)
  • Heart Balloon (cr2 and obj)
  • Round Balloon (cr2 and obj)
  • Backdrop (cr2 and obj)
  • Shown Materials included for DS and Poser!

Additional Notes:

Renders are unedited from Poser 2012, showing as is rendering using the freebie cookie lights found in the forums.

Poser Version: Poser 6+
Daz Studio: Daz Studio 3+
Zip Files: 1 Zip File (5.08MB)
Date Added: Jun 17, 2013

Product requirements

Gumdrops: Candy Base

Gumdrops for Daz Studio and Poser