Skadi for V4

Skadi for V4

Ride the wind, and touch the stars, visit Valhalla and discover the secrets of the Wylde. All with this creation for Victoria 4! Explore with V4 the role of the Norse Goddess of Winter and the Hunt,  the wild giantess, who like the winter weather can be innocent and pure, almost childlike one minute, and the next become a storm, the likes of which the world and any man in her path are ill-equipped to deal with. Unlock the beauty, the majesty and the power of Skadi for Victoria 4!


With modeling by Littlefox, texturing and mats by Secretheart, and rigging and morphs by Netherworks, how can you go wrong? Add to this the inspiration of what can be done with this pack provided by Nightsong, you can see why this team up of artists can't be called anything but "Pro".

Product Includes:

  • Winged Helmet (cr2 and obj)
  • Necklace (cr2 and obj)
  • Bracers & Wraps (cr2 and obj)
  • Leggings (cr2 and obj)
  • Dress (cr2 and obj)
  • Boots (cr2 and obj)
  • Boot Fur (cr2 and obj)
  • 3 Full sets of Poser and DS Mats with HIGH quality Textures

Additional Notes:

  • This product was uvmapped in UVLayout to give smooth and perfect UVmaps that are easy to texture.
  • All textures are High Quality.
  • Boot Fur is provided on a separate CR2 to allow it to be removed or hidden for draft renders. As it depends on a high number of transparent individual polygons for the hair effect, it will have higher render times. However this hair effect is completely usable in both Poser and DS.

Product requirements

Victoria 4

Poser Version: Poser 6+
Daz Studio: Daz Studio Compatible
Date Added: Aug 1, 2013
Compatible figures: 
V4 Clothing for Daz Studio and Poser