Hattie Madder

Hattie Madder

When is a raven like a writing desk?

Why, when it's the 37th of March silly head!

One does not have to be as mad as a hatter to survive in Wonderland, but surely it helps.

Come have a giggle and a google and a gobldygee at RDNA Pro's take on the land through the looking glass.

Take Hattie's hand and discover why this one woman show, is something entirely madders in her own vein... or yours.... hmmm wonder how that would work... bet it involves screaming OFF WITH HIS HEAD! and that sounds like grand loads of fun doesn't it? Hmmmmm where is my watch.....

Happy Unbirthday!

Down The Rabbit Hole

Off With Her Head!

The Hattie Matter package consists of:

  • Dress (cr2 and obj)
  • Sleeves (cr2 and obj)
  • Ankle Cuffs (cr2 and obj)
  • Shoes (cr2 and obj)
  • Hat (cr2 and obj)
  • Crown (cr2 and obj)
  • Ears (cr2 and obj)
  • 3 High Resolution Texture Sets for Complete Outfit
    • White Rabbit
    • Mad Hatter
    • Red Queen
  • Poser 6+ Mats
  • DS3+ Mats

Dress comes with many jost joints within the skirt to allow full confidence in positioning it to whatever your needs for the render.

Full Body Morphs Supported:

  • G4TheGirlBody
  • A4AikoBody
  • A4AikoPetite
  • A4AikoRealistic
  • A4AikoStylized
  • Elite: Sylph
  • Elite: Utopian
  • Thin
  • Young
  • Voluptuous

Partial Body Morphs Supported:

  • Breasts Larg
  • Breasts Size
  • Breasts Natural
  • Glutes Size
  • HipsSize
  • Shoulders Thickness
  • Stomach Depth
  • Thighs Thickness
  • Tummy Out
  • Waist Width
  • Torso Thickness

Comes with numerous 'Fit' morphs to allow for fine tuning and adjustment, so that you can adjust to fit Morphs not specifically supported. UVMapped in UVlayout on a smoothed rectangular swatches, and evened in scale to allow for high quality textures without the need for wasted space or time.

Product requirements

Victoria 4

Compatible figures: 
3D Models for Daz Studio and Poser