Interiors 4 The Jail

Interiors 4 The Jail

Need a place to put the bad guys? Want to see a politician behind bars? The Jail is the place to put them - and they won't escape from it either! Stone walls, thick bars and steel girders make The Jail a maximum security environment. There are 3 single cells with barred mesh-glass windows, bed, toilet and shelves, plus two larger holding cells for groups of prisoners. Guards can patrol the corridor, or keep the inmates under surveillance by watching them in a special wide-angle mirror. There are 2 main entry doors, an entrance corridor and 5 posable cell doors with food hatches which open/close. The corridor has painted yellow security lines and wire-caged lights, with neon lights for all the cells, and a light set is included.

The Jail comes in full Daz Studio or Poser versions with native geometry, materials and lighting.

This product includes one full installer for Poser and one full installer for DAZ Studio.
Compatible 3D Figures
Compatible 3D Software
DAZ Studio, Poser
What's Included & Features
  • Jail Figure (.CR2, .OBJ and .DAZ)
    • Walls/floor/ceiling can be switched off/on
    • 2 entry doors + 5 cell doors (All posable)
    • 'Open hatch' morph for all cell doors
    • Entrance hallway to corridor
  • Props (.PP2, .OBJ and .DAZ)
    • Bed with 5 morphs
    • Pillow (morphing)
    • Toilet with posable partition
    • Large shelf and side-shelf
    • Wide-angle surveillance mirror
    • Long bench
  • Room Lighting Preset (.LT2 and .DS)
  • Lamps Off/On (.PZ2 and .DS)
  • Fluorescent Lights Off/On (.LT2 and .DS)
  • Textures:
    • 10 Textures (2048 x 2048)
    • 4 Textures (1024 x 1024)
    • 2 Textures (512 x 512)
Environments and Props for Daz Studio and Poser