Filter Forge 10.0 Professional (Mac)

Filter Forge 10.0 Professional (Mac)

Filter Forge is a high-end graphic software that allows you to generate PBR textures, create visual effects, and produce render maps for Unity, Unreal, and other 3D engines. It features over 6,900 ready-made realistic and abstract textures, as well as a powerful visual editor to create custom ones.

Filter Forge provides a collection of several thousand textures that can be immediately used in game design, architectural visualization, and 3D modeling. All of the textures are adjustable and resolution-independent, and most of them support real-world HDRI lighting, can automatically generate PBR texture maps, and can be seamlessly tiled. Filter Forge 10 supports texture generation and packing for Unity 2018 and Unreal Engine 4, including textures for albedo, height, normal, roughness, metallic, emission, and occlusion channels.

Power users who cannot find an appropriate filter in the filter library will love the Filter Editor, a visual node-based tool for creating custom-tailored textures and effects. All of the filters are constructed by connecting components that represent basic operations. Any library filter can be opened in Filter Editor for examination and improvement.

Filter Forge can operate as a standalone application or as a PS plug-in and is available for Windows.

What's Included and Features

  • Filter Forge 10.0 Professional (Mac):
    • Over 6900 realistic textures
    • Ability to create your own textures in a node-based editor
    • Seamless tiling
    • Resolution independence
    • Photorealistic shadows via ambient occlusion
    • Full HDR support
    • Support for LUA scripting
    • Can work as a standalone program or as a Photoshop plugin
    • NEW! Support for PBR texture packing for Unity 2018 and Unreal Engine 4
    • NEW! Albedo, Height, Normal, Roughness, Metallic, Emission, and Occlusion channels

Install Types:

DazCentral, Manual Install