Glitteratti for Greek Fantasy I Horns & Spirals

Glitteratti for Greek Fantasy I Horns & Spirals

Glitteratti ~ Where Magic Happens When a Fantasy of Shimmer & Shine, Glint and Pageantry Emerge

33 custom textures, presented in 2 different styles - shimmery shine and glittery shine, making a grand total of 66 for each piece, Horns & Spirals, for the Greek Fantasy I main hair product. Also included in this package are partial MATs for each individual piece of both the Horns & the Spirals, giving a greater versatility of mix & match capabilities.

PLEASE NOTE: ONLY the Horns & Spiral textures are included in this package, the hair textures are in a package all of their own. Please see Glitteratti for Greek Fantasy I Hair, part of the Glitteratti Product Line.

All of Spiritfoxy's Glitteratti Line Products have the potential of mixing & matching, blending perfectly with each other!



Horn Texture MATs - 198
Shimmer Horns - 33
Glitter Horns - 33
Horntips Shimmer - 33
Horntips Glitter - 33
Rings Shimmer - 33
Rings Glitter - 33

Spirals Texture MATs - 198
Shimmer Spirals - 33
Glitter Spirals - 33
Spirals Shimmer - 33
Spirals Glitter - 33
Spheres Shimmer - 33
Spheres Glitter - 33


132 Texture Maps
091 Bump/Specular/Ambient/Displacement Maps
006 Reflect Maps

396 MAT Pose files


DAZ STUDIO: This product is optimized for Poser Pro 8+. Settings may need to be tweaked to get similar results in Daz Studio.


Software: Poser 8+, Daz Studio 3+

Base Figures: Victoria 4

Compatible figures: 
Hair for Poser and Daz Studio