HF Dolly Additional Skins for Genesis 9

HF Dolly Additional Skins for Genesis 9

The set is divided into 2 macro-groups, Dark and Asian skins, each containing 9 different presets.
It also includes several Mouth, Mouth Cavity and Nails (fingernails and toenails) MATS to match the skin hues and ethnicity.
It includes Additional 3 additional materials for card/fiber eyebrows (black, brown, red) and it is completed by 3 teeth material options and the tear MAT.
Metallic Flake and Translucency effects help the customization of each skin, providing other opportunities for reflectivity and color intensity.
Materials are IRAY only.

HF Dolly Additional Skins for Genesis 9:
HF71 Renderosity Page (DSA)

Material Presets:
9 Dark Skin MATs:
3 Mid-Dark Skin Presets
3 Light-Dark Skin Presets
3 High-Dark Skin Presets
2 Mouth MATs (Light, Dark)
2 Mouth Cavity MATs (Light, Dark)
4 Fingernail Options (1 Light, 2 Mid, 1 Dark)
4 Toenails Options (1 Light, 2 Mid, 1 Dark)

9 Asian Skin MATs:
3 Mid-Toned Skin Presets
3 Pale-Toned Skin Presets
3 Dark-Toned Skin Presets
1 Mouth MATs (Light, Dark)
1 Mouth Cavity MATs (Light, Dark)
2 Fingernail Options (1 Light, 1 Dark)
2 Toenails Options (1 Light, 1 Dark)
Skin Effects:
3 Flake Options (Base, High, Low)
3 Translucency Options (Base, High, Low)

Eyes HMATs:
6 Eyes Options (Dark Blue, Dark Gray, Dark Green, Dark Purple, Dark Turquoise, Dark Brown)

Eyelashes MATs:
1 Eyelashes Map Option
3 Eyelashes Options (Black, Brown, Red)

Eyebrows MATs:
2 Eyebrows Map Options (1 Card, 1 Fiber)
3 Eyebrows Options (Black, Brown, Red)
3 Eyebrows Fiber Options (Black, Brown, Red)

Additional MATs:
3 Teeth Colors Options
Tears MAT

Textures Include:
72 Textures: Base Color, Bump, Roughness, Normal, Opacity, Metallicity, Specular, Makeup Maps, Ambient Occlusion (from 1024x1024 px to 4096x4096 px)

Compatible figures: Genesis 9

Software: DAZ Studio 4 With IRAY

Compatible figures: 
3D Models for Daz Studio and Poser