HoloFlow for Genesis 8 Female(s)

HoloFlow for Genesis 8 Female(s)

Future everyday fashion or futuristic/cyberpunk contemporary attire, HoloFlow is perfect for both concepts

The mesh unique flow and features and the sci-fi, detailed textures make it a unique clothing set for someone that loves a cutting edge style that can also be comfy and adventurous!

The set includes a unique sleeveless shirt, shorts, handless gloves, over the knee high-heeled boots and over the knee shinwear and a spinal. It looks perfect together, but every and each piece can easily be mixed and matched with other clothing pieces, since they include a lot of morphs to help with that.

The textures avalable in White, Black, Orange/Black and Green/Black with respective damaged versions, offer a wide range of options that can create tens of combinations and are easily to be matched with anything else your character is wearing.

  • The shirt features 12 bones and 13 material zones for an impressive ability to customize with both textures and hides.
  • The high boots feature a unique heel that still makes them comfortable for walking, but you should rather use the shinwear version (no shoe part) for some serious parkour!
  • Included are several HD morphs for Genesis 8 to give the impression of the clothes squeezing her skin for: thighs (boots, shinwear and shorts), arms (gloves), chest (shirt version 2), crotch (shorts hide options) and back (spinal).
  • The package includes realistic and artistic PBR texture styles in white, black, orange/black and green/black; several "mix" mat poses and "single parts only" mats so you can create your own style.
  • Also included are sci-fi damaged/dirty version for all colors, for when trouble gets in the way of adventure or supposedly safe space travel.

HoloFlow Genesis 8 is compatible with both the newer (HoloFlow Xps2) and the previously released HoloFlow Xps (now updated with Genesis 8 MATs) add-on pack.

It also includes updated MATs for the Genesis 3 version, so that all the new styles and options can also be applied to the Genesis 3 version for those that own it.

What's Included and Features

  • HoloFlow for Genesis 8 Female(s) (.DUF)
  • HoloFlow complete outfit (All_Load)
  • HoloFlow clothing pieces (10)
    • HoloFlow Shirt
      • Features 12 bones (under Pelvis, see image)
      • 13 Materials zones
      • Adjustment Morphs
        • Back Bottom Out
        • Front Bottom Out
        • Left Shoulder Up
        • Left Side Out
        • Left Top Side Out
        • Left Thigh In Up
        • Left Thigh Up
        • Mid Chest out
        • Right Shoulder Up
        • RightSide Out
        • RightTop Side Out
        • RightThigh In Up
        • RightThigh Up
        • Top Back out
        • Top Chest out
      • Movement Morphs
        • Back Swing 01
        • Back Swing 02
        • Back Up
        • Front Swing 01
        • FrontSwing 02
        • FrontSwing 03
        • Left Swing 01
        • LeftSwing 02
        • LeftSwing 03
        • Right Swing 01
        • RightSwing 02
        • Right Swing 03
    • HoloFlow Shirt Style 01
      • G8 HD matching morph included
      • Morphs
        • All back out
        • Back bottom out
        • Back out
        • Breasts out
        • Left side out
        • Right side out
        • Shoulder left up
        • Shoulder right up
        • Top chest out
        • Top side left out
        • Top side right out
        • HF Shirt Style 01 Squeeze (G8 HD morph)
    • HoloFlow Shorts
      • Adjustment Morphs:
        • AllFront_InOut
        • Back_EnlargeShrink
        • Back_FrontBack
        • Back_LeftRight
        • Back_Rotate
        • Back_UpDown
        • Front_EnlargeShrink
        • Front_FrontBack
        • Front_LeftRight
        • Front_Rotate
        • Front_UpDown
      • Hide Morphs:
        • Hide_AllBack
        • Hide_AllFront
        • Hide_BackStraps
        • Hide_SideStraps
      • Squeeze Morphs
        • HF Shorts Back Only Sqz
        • HF Shorts Front Only Sqz
        • HF Shorts Squeeze
    • HoloFlow Spinal
      • Morphs
        • All inflated
        • BackFit (set to 1 if worn without the shirt)
        • Bottomfront back
        • Float 01..05
        • Front Back
        • HF Spinal (G8 HD matching morph, automatically set)
        • Left Right
        • Mid Front Back
        • Mid Low Front Back
        • Resize
        • Top Front Back
        • Up Down
    • HoloFlow Glove Left and Right
      • Morphs
        • HF Squeeze (G8 HD matching morph, automatically set)
        • Inflate All
        • Top Enlarge
        • Wrist Enlarge
    • HoloFlow Boot Left and Right
      • Morphs
        • Fit Grunge Style (to be used with the Grunge add-on style)
        • Front Ankle Inflate
        • Heel Resize
        • Top Enlarge
        • Top Heel Down
    • HoloFlow ShinWear Left and Right
      • Morphs
        • Fit Grunge Style (to be used with the Grunge add-on style)
        • Ankle Enlarge
        • HFSqueeze(G8 HD matching morph, automatically set)
        • Inflate All
        • Over Foot 01..02
        • Over Heel
        • Top Enlarge
  • HoloFlow Style
    • Hide Options
    • Complete Styles
    • DMG options
    • Mix n Boots
    • Mix n Shirt
    • Mix n Shorts
  • Genesis 8 HD Morphs
    • HF Left Boot Squeeze
    • HF Left Glove Squeeze
    • HF Right Boot Squeeze
    • HF RightGloveSqueeze
    • HF Shirt Style 01 Squeeze
    • HF Shorts Back Only Squeeze
    • HF Shorts Front Only Squeeze
    • HF Shorts Squeeze
    • HF Spinal
  • Texture Styles
    • White HoloFlow
    • White HoloFlow Damaged
    • Black HoloFlow
    • BlackHoloFlow Damaged
    • Orange/Black HoloFlow
    • Orange/Black HoloFlow Damaged
    • Green/Black HoloFlow
    • Green/Black HoloFlow Damaged
    • Mix Styles (2x Boots, 10x Shirt, 2x Shorts)
    • Shirt Hide Options: 8 hide options + 1 global Un-hide
  • Textures Include
    • 87 Base Color, Glossiness, Height, Metallic, Normal, Roughness Maps (4096 x 4096)
  • Daz Studio Iray Material Presets (.DUF)

Compatible Figures:

Genesis 8 Female

Compatible Software:

DAZ Studio 4.10

Install Types:

Daz Connect, Install Manager, Manual Install

Compatible figures: