IDG Watercolor Tattoos 1

IDG Watercolor Tattoos 1

Add flair to your Genesis 8 female characters and embrace the trend of softly colored tattoos. IDG Watercolor Tattoos is a set of 68 individually hand painted tattoos. Each tattoo is a saved as a geometry shell wearable preset to allow you use as many, or as few as desired, on any Genesis 8 Female character skin in your library. By adjusting the geometry shells you can quickly and easily get the tattoos to look from freshly inked to old, worn and faded. In addition to the individual Tattoo geometry shells, the Tattoos are also arranged in two full sets, as well as each limb, and torso to easily place multiple tattoos at once.

All material presets saved using Uber Iray shader base.

What's Included and Features

  • IDG Watercolor Tattoos 1 (.DUF)
  • 12: Watercolor Tattoo Sets
    • 1: Full Set A
    • 1: Full Set B
    • 2: Left Arm Sets A, B
    • 2: Right Arm Sets A, B
    • 2: Left Leg Sets A, B
    • 2: Right Leg Sets A, B
    • 2: Torso Sets A, B
  • 68: Individual Watercolor Tattoos
    • 2: Wolf Eyes Tattoos Back, L Hip
    • 2: Fox Tattoos L Side, R Foot
    • 2: Feather Tattoos L Thigh, R Foot
    • 2: Big Heart Tattoos Chest, L Shin
    • 2: Horse Tattoos L Hip, R side
    • 2: Blue Fairy Tattoos L Foot, R Forearm
    • 2: Blue Lion Tattoos Back, R Thigh
    • 2: Flower Spirit Tattoos L Ankle, L Hip
    • 3: Star Scroll Tattoos L Arm, R Forearm, R Shin
    • 2: Dancer Tattoos Chest, R Hip
    • 2: Yin-Yang Tattoos Back, L Forearm
    • 2: Snake Tattoos L Arm, L Shin
    • 2: Girl Tattoos L Shin, L Thigh
    • 2: Facing Faces Tattoos Back, Back Thighs
    • 3: Bird Tattoos L Hand, R Side, R Thigh
    • 2: Blue Dragon Tattoos R Shin, R Shoulder
    • 5: Butterfly Tattoos Abdomen, L Foot, L side, R ankle, R Hand
    • 2: Peacock Tattoos R Hip, R Side
    • 2: Wyvern Tattoos L Shoulder, R Thigh
    • 3: Rainbow Heart Tattoos Abdomen, L ankle, Neck
    • 2: Brown Scroll Tattoos R Arm, R Shin
    • 2: Blue Scroll Tattoos L Foot, R Foot
    • 2: Tree Tattoos R side, R Thigh
    • 4: Rose Tattoos Abdomen, Chest, R Ankle, R Forearm
    • 2: Blue Dolphin Tattoos L Forearm, L Shin
    • 2: Couple Tattoos L Side, R Arm
    • 2: Moon Tattoos R Wrist, R Shin
    • 2: Sun Tattoos L Wrist, L Shin
    • 2: Rainbow Scroll Tattoos L Thigh, R Shin
    • 2: Raven Tattoos Back, Chest
  • User Notes(.DSA and .PDF)
  • Textures Include:
    • 107 Texture, Bump,and Transparency Maps (4096 x 4096)
  • Optimized for Iray

Compatible Figures:

Genesis 8 Female

Compatible Software:

DAZ Studio 4.10

Install Types:

Daz Connect, Install Manager, Manual Install

Compatible figures: