Ultimate Stonemason Makeover - 14-in-1 Bundle

Ultimate Stonemason Makeover - 14-in-1 Bundle

Do you have some Stonemason props? Then how about making 14 of them look totally different with a single mouse click that is ready to render out of the box?

The Ultimate Stonemason Makeover includes light sets and complete 3D graphic design scene makeovers, so you can spend time creating the action, not doing a gazzilion tweaks.

Experience animated rain, fog effects, 3D lighting, light beams and neon lights that you can use with specific Stonemason props, or merge them into any DAZ Studio scene and give your imagination total freedom.

Get this amazing bundle, and instantly add another dimension to your Stonemason props and renders.

The total value of this bundle is $211.30 – saving you BIG TIME!

  • Some of these products do not work in all versions of DAZ Studio.
Compatible 3D Figures
Compatible 3D Software
DAZ Studio 4.6, DAZ Studio
What's Included & Features
  • This Bundle Includes Scenes for:
    • Outpost 17 for Planet Lava and Enchanted Forest
    • Lost Ruins
    • Earthquake
    • Rays of Dreams for Enchanted Forest
    • Future City Urban Future 3 Light Set
    • Neon Labs
    • Forsaken for Urban Future 3
    • Dark City Light Set for Tin Pin Alley
    • Eternal Romance for Village Courtyard
    • Breath Of The Dragon Streets Of Asia - DAZ Studio Light Set
    • Urban Future 4 Psy District
    • Touch of the Mediterranean
    • Urban Future 2 Dreamlight Light Set With Animated Rain
    • The Backstreets By Night
Lighting for Daz Studio