Luminosity Ultimate: Comprehensive Iray Lighting System

Luminosity Ultimate: Comprehensive Iray Lighting System

Luminosity Ultimate is a comprehensive lighting system for Iray. I have many tips, tricks, and techniques for lighting that I use to create my art and promotional images, and now I want to share those with you to help and inspire you to make amazing art!

Luminosity Ultimate is a comprehensive and highly customizable package created to be simple and straightforward. You can use the one-click settings by themselves or combine them. It includes both HDRI lighting presets and mesh light sets, as well as many other presets to modify them quickly and easily.

In Luminosity Ultimate, you'll find separate presets for color, temperature, and intensity to apply to your mesh lights, as well as presets for Environment intensity, rotation, Bloom, and Tone Mapping presets. There are also simple sun and sky lighting setups.

Luminosity Ultimate contains 3 new mesh light props, Panel Light, Ring Light, and Sunburst Ring Light, as well as the standard Luminosity concave light prop. There are 4 new portrait camera setups that include these lights as well to help you with your portrait renders.

Utility presets are included to make it even easier to turn lights on and off, make them invisible, delete them, and change them from two-sided to one-sided.

Last but not least, I have included an 8-page PDF that covers everything you will find in Luminosity Ultimate: Comprehensive Iray Lighting System, as well as some tips and tricks I have learned over the years.

PLEASE NOTE: The HDRI in this set is meant for lighting purposes only and not to be used for render backgrounds.

What's Included and Features

  • Luminosity Ultimate: Comprehensive Iray Lighting System: (.DUF)
  • Cameras: (.DUF)
    • Flood Light Camera
    • Panel Light Camera
    • Ring Light Camera
    • Sunburst Ring Light Camera
  • Lights: (.DUF)
    • Flood Light
    • Panel Light
    • Ring Light
    • Sunburst Ring Light
    • !Back Lights
    • !Fill Lights
    • !Key Lights
    • !Ring Catch Lights
    • !Sunburst Catch Lights
    • 10 Neutral Light Sets
    • !Reset Light Color
    • 16 Light Colors
    • Intensity High
    • Intensity Low
    • Intensity Medium (Default)
    • Intensity Medium-High
    • Intensity Medium-Low
    • Intensity Very High
    • Intensity Very Low
    • !Reset Light Temp
    • Light Temp 01000 (Warm)
    • Light Temp 02000 (Warm)
    • Light Temp 03000 (Warm)
    • Light Temp 04000 (Warm)
    • Light Temp 05000 (Warm)
    • Light Temp 06000 (Neutral)
    • Light Temp 07000 (Cool)
    • Light Temp 08000 (Cool)
    • Light Temp 09000 (Cool)
    • Light Temp 10000 (Cool)
    • Make Light Invisible
    • Make Light Visible
    • Two Sided OFF/ON
    • Turn Light ON/OFF
    • Remove ALL Mesh Lights
  • Render Settings: (.DUF)
    • 05 Cool HDRIs
    • 05 Dramatic HDRIs
    • 05 Neutral HDRIs
    • 05 Warm HDRIs
    • SS Afternoon
    • SS Evening
    • SS Morning
    • SS Night
    • SS Noon
    • SS Sunrise
    • SS Sunset
    • SS Twilight
    • !Reset Dome Rotation
    • Dome Rotation 045
    • Dome Rotation 090
    • Dome Rotation 135
    • Dome Rotation 180
    • Dome Rotation 225
    • Dome Rotation 270
    • Dome Rotation 315
    • Environment Intensity 00 (Shadow Catch)
    • Environment Intensity 010
    • Environment Intensity 025
    • Environment Intensity 050
    • Environment Intensity 075
    • Environment Intensity 100
    • Environment Intensity 150
    • Environment Intensity 200
    • 05 Bloom Presets
    • Bloom OFF
    • !Reset Default Tone Mapping
    • Tone Mapping Black and White
    • Tone Mapping Desaturate
    • Tone Mapping Dusk
    • Tone Mapping Gray Day
    • Tone Mapping Night
    • Tone Mapping Saturation
    • Tone Mapping Sharpen
    • 10 White Point Presets
    • !Reset ALL Environment
    • Set Mode to Dome and Scene
    • Set Mode to Scene Only
    • Set Mode to Sun Sky
  • PDF Files (.pdf)
    • Luminosity Ultimate Product Manual
  • Daz Studio Iray Material Presets (.DUF)

Compatible Software:

Daz Studio 4.15

Install Types:

DazCentral, Daz Connect, DIM, Manual Install