MD Traditional Train Station

MD Traditional Train Station

The MD Traditional Train Station is a recreation of a traditional train stations found in south Mediterranean. This colorful set offers many locations for your figures’ renders, inside and outside of the station building.

The dimensions of the station are around 12m in height, 7m width and 5m height. The surrounding ground is 100m long and 70m width. The rail gauge is 1m. The product includes the interior of the station with 33 props, that you can use in your own scenes and a well at the backyard. An atmosphere control prop is also included. This prop controls the haze of the atmosphere (must have for making any God rays in the scene).

There are five levels of haze to choose from, and although the scene has many thousand plants, the usage of instances does not make the scene heavy in polygons.

The product includes 8 ‘Render Settings’ preset files, 20 cameras and lights sets and a lot of adjustments files, like scripts to set the intensity of the lights (inside the station, to the platform and to the road), to show or hide the vegetation in the viewport etc. A special script will let you set the name of the station, it will create the necessary maps (including or not any wear on the text) and it will apply these maps to the sign.

Get the MD Traditional Train Station for your next train, waiting, or travel render!

What's Included and Features

  • MD Traditional Train Station (.DUF)
  • Scene Sets:
    • Traditional Train Station Building
    • Traditional Train Station Full
  • Props:
    • A4 Dossier
    • A4 Pack of Papers
    • A4 Paper
    • Ashtray
    • Atmo Prop
    • Cigarette Half Burned
    • Cigarette Used
    • Cigarette
    • Cup:
      • Liquid level
    • Ink Pad:
      • Open/Close
    • Lockers
    • Notice Board
    • Outer Trash Bin
    • Outer Wall Clock:
      • Hours
      • Hours Pointer Rotate
      • Minutes Pointer Rotate
    • Pack of Tickets
    • Pen
    • Phone Vintage
    • Photo Frame
    • Pin
    • Seal Rounded
    • Seal Squared
    • Shelves
    • Sign
    • Staff Jacket on Chair
    • Staff Jacket on hook
    • Stapler
    • Ticket
    • Tickets room Vintage Desk:
      • Right Cabinet Open/Close
      • Left Cabinet Open/Close
      • Right Top Drawer Open/Close
      • Right Bottom Drawer Open/Close
      • Left Top Drawer Open/Close
      • Left Bottom Drawer Open/Close
    • Vintage Chair
    • Vintage Desk
    • Vintage Trash Bin
    • Wall Hook
    • Water Fountain
    • Well
  • Material Options:
    • A4 Announcement
    • A4 Buses Routes
    • A4 Days Tickets
    • A4 Dossier Label 01-06
    • A4 Dossier Stations And Routes
    • A4 Dossier Telephone Book
    • A4 Finances
    • A4 Routes
    • Ashtray Clean
    • Ashtray Dirty
    • Cigarette
    • Cigarette Lit
    • Cup Blue
    • Cup White
    • Pen Back
    • Pen Blue
    • Pen Red
    • Photo Castle
    • Photo Lake
    • Photo Springs
    • Photo Train BW
    • Pin Blue
    • Pin Green
    • Pin Orange
    • Pin Red
    • Pin Yellow
    • Ticket Blank
    • Ticket Written
    • Atmo Dense Haze
    • Atmo Light Haze
    • Atmo Medium Haze
    • Atmo Very Dense Haze
    • Atmo Very Light Haze
  • Cameras:
    • All Cameras and Lights
    • Camera 01-03
    • Camera 04 and Lights
    • Camera 05-07
    • Camera 08 and Lights
    • Camera 09 and Lights
    • Camera 10 and Lights
    • Camera 11-14
    • Camera 15 and Lights
    • Camera 16 and Lights
    • Camera 17 and Lights
    • Camera 18-20
  • Scripts:
    • Product Support
    • Show - Hide Vegetation in the viewport
    • Set the Station Name
    • Tips and Tricks pdf
    • All Station Lights Off Iray
    • All Station Lights On Iray
    • Internal Lights High Iray
    • Internal Lights Low Iray
    • Internal Lights Medium Iray
    • Internal Lights Off Iray
    • Internal Lights Very High Iray
    • Outer Lamp On (Half Intensity) Iray
    • Outer Lamp off Iray
    • Outer Lamp on Iray
    • Outer Lights Off Iray
    • Outer Lights On (Half Intensity) Iray
    • Outer Lights On Iray
    • Platform Lights High Iray
    • Platform Lights Low Iray
    • Platform Lights Medium Iray
    • Platform Lights Off Iray
    • Platform Lights Very High Iray
  • Render Settings Presets:
    • Preset 01-08
  • Textures Include:
    • 693 Texture, Metallic, Glossiness, Specular, Roughness, Height, Normal and OtherMaps (128 x 128 to 4096 x 4096)
  • Daz Studio Iray Material Presets (.DUF)

Compatible Software:

DAZ Studio 4.12

Install Types:

Daz Connect, Install Manager, Manual Install