MRL dForce Bob Hair for Genesis 8 Female with Colour Mix Plus

MRL dForce Bob Hair for Genesis 8 Female with Colour Mix Plus

Is there anything MRL dForce Bob Hair for Genesis 8 Female with Colour Mix Plus can't do?

With dForce for extra realism, MRL's dForce Bob can be simulated but also comes with tons of morphs for added variety. Designed so that you can pose the hair then simulate it so it can be relaxed into shape, it can be used with or without simulation.

Not only does this Hair come with a large number of styling and movement options, but in addition the pack contains 3 specific character morphs (Tribal, Sci-fi and Pixiebob) which each have their own movement morphs.

With dForce Color mixing, you can mix a base color with the highlight of your choice and get exactly the look you're after with additional hair generation options. Finally, because the hair is color mixing 'plus' the pack contains a folder called Special MATS. This folder contains a selection of iridescent and multi coloured hair MATS for your most imaginative renders.

In total, you get a stylish hair with 24 colours, 24 highlights, 9 special MATS, 64 morphs for styling, movement, fit and the 3 included character morphs, 6 gloss options and various hair generation options! See below for a full listing.

What's Included and Features

  • dForce Bob for Genesis 8 Female(s) with Colour Mix Plus
  • What's included and features
    • dForce Bob for Genesis 8 Female(s) Wearable Preset
    • dForce Bob for Genesis 8 Female(s) Hierarchical MAT
  • Hair Generation
    • dFBob 01 Default Hair Settings
    • dFBob 02 Default Base Hair Thickness
    • dFBob 03 Thicker Base Hair
    • dFBob 04 More Flyaways
    • dFBob 05 Default Flyaways
    • dFBob 06 More Highlights
    • dFBob 07 Default Highlights
    • dFBob 08 Base Hairs Spread 45
    • dFBob 09 Default Base Hairs Spread 25
    • dFBob 10 Base Hairs Spread 35
    • dFBob 11 Render Tess Default
    • dFBob 12 Render Tess 1
    • dFBob 13 View Tess Default
    • dFBob 14 View Tess 2
    • dFBob 15 Bangs REM Sim Settings
    • dFBob 16 Bangs Sim Default Settings
    • dFBob 17 PixieBob Scruffy
    • dFBob 18 PixieBob Extra Scruffy
  • 24 MATS Hair Base Colours
  • 24 MATS Highlight Colours
  • 24 MATS Scalp Colours
  • 02 MATS Scalp Alphas - Default and Full
  • 06 MATS Gloss options
  • 09 Special MATS
  • 70 Morphs (wind)

33 Texture Maps 31 Texture Maps 512 x 512 02 Texture Maps 2048 x 2048

Compatible Figures:

Genesis 8 Female

Compatible Software:

DAZ Studio 4.12

Install Types:

Daz Connect, Install Manager, Manual Install

Compatible figures: