Muelsfell Vast Ocean Modular Set

Muelsfell Vast Ocean Modular Set

Muelsfell Vast Ocean is a set of models, assets, and tools to help you create an ocean surface or underwater scene as you see fit. Rather than rely on a thick solid block with tricky transmissive water settings, it uses configurable fog planes and translucency to simulate a world beneath the waves.

The main sea in this set is a massive figure that stretches to the horizon, filling your scenes with a near-endless body of water. Included morphs let you adjust the depth, choppiness, and waves, and a huge host of material options give you the flexibility to create just what you picture in your head.

Beneath the waves, you'll find two unique terrains to combine with the ocean and above, a rocky beach. A sampling of kelp, coral, reef and beach rocks, waves, foam, and even fish provide you endless opportunity for underwater adventures. Effects props like the caustic panel and god ray panel give you even more options for recreating the watery world of your dreams. Seven unique water props, ranging from rolling waves to bow breaks to massive splashes, with hideable seafoam, give you some exciting-looking options for your wet environments.

Whether you want to create a tranquil scene with fish and mermaids, a roaring battle over an endless sea, or water thrashing against a lonely beach, Muelsfell Vast Ocean Modular Set has you covered.

Notes: The included depth gauge and distance spheres combined with Daz Studio's Iray preview will help advanced users tweak the material settings just so before placing any figures in the scene.

This set uses Iray material presets. It is not designed for 3Delight, though experienced users will be able to configure the texture maps outside of the Iray shader if they so wish.

What's Included and Features

  • Muelsfell Vast Ocean Modular Set (.DUF)
  • Main Sea:
    • Ocean Shallow
    • Ocean Surface Choppy
    • Ocean Surface Waves
  • Props:
    • Beach Rock A
    • Beach Rock B
    • Bubbles Dive
    • Bubbles Long
    • Bubbles Short
    • Caustics Plane
    • Coral Cluster A
    • Coral Cluster B
    • Coral Shelf
    • Coral Tree A
    • Coral Tree B
    • Faux Godray Plane
    • Fish Pompano
    • Kelp Cluster A
    • Kelp Cluster B
    • Kelp Strand A
    • Kelp Strand B
    • Kelp Strand C
    • Kelp Strand Stringy A
    • Kelp Strand Stringy B
    • Reef Rock A
    • Reef Rock B
    • Sea Foam
    • Splash Bow Break
    • Splash Large
    • Splash Massive
    • Splash Small
    • Splash Tumultuous
    • Splash Wave
    • Static Fish School
    • Muelsfell Vast Ocean - Simple Ocean Surface
    • Muelsfell Vast Ocean - Terrain Beach
    • Muelsfell Vast Ocean - Terrain Seascape with Coral
    • Muelsfell Vast Ocean - Terrain Undersea Forest Base
  • Presets and Tools
    • Decal - Ocean Floor Caustics
    • Environment Settings
    • Main Ocean !SHOW ALL
    • Main Ocean Depth HIDE
    • Main Ocean Depth SHOW
    • Main Ocean Haze Ring Inner HIDE
    • Main Ocean Haze Ring Inner SHOW
    • Main Ocean Seabed HIDE
    • Main Ocean Seabed SHOW
    • Main Ocean Surface HIDE
    • Main Ocean Surface SHOW
    • Tool Distance Spheres
    • Tool Gauge
  • Iray Materials
    • Beach Rocks
    • Bubbles
    • Caustics Plane
    • Coral Clusters
    • Coral Shelf
    • Coral Trees
    • Faux Godray Plane
    • Fish Pompano
    • Kelp Strands
    • Reef Rock
    • Splashes
    • Terrain Beach
    • Terrain Seascape
    • Terrain Undersea Forest
    • Tool Gauge Default
    • !Main Sea - Default
    • !Main Sea Bright Tropical
    • !Main Sea Dusky Prehistoric
    • Depth Strength !Default
    • Depth Strength 005
    • Depth Strength 015
    • Depth Strength 025
    • Depth Strength 035
    • Depth Strength 050
    • Depth Strength 075
    • Depth Strength 100
    • Ocean Depth !Default
    • Ocean Depth Deep Seas
    • Ocean Depth Island Cove
    • Ocean Depth Murky Tropical
    • Ocean Depth Storm Surge
    • Ocean Far Distance - Default
    • Ocean Far Distance - Greyish
    • Ocean Far Distance - Soft Blue
    • Ocean Far Distance - Stormy Green
    • Surface Bumpiness !Default
    • Surface Bumpiness Smooth
    • Surface Bumpiness Strong
    • Surface Bumpiness Super
    • Surface Clarity 010
    • Surface Clarity 025
    • Surface Clarity 050
    • Surface Clarity 075
    • Surface Clarity 090
    • Surface Colour - !Default
    • Surface Colour - Dark Ocean
    • Surface Colour - Emerald Lagoon
    • Surface Colour - Green Seas
    • Surface Tiling !Default
    • Surface Tiling For Distant Shots
    • Surface Tiling Tiny Waves
    • Surface Tiling Waves F-to-B
    • Surface Tiling Waves L-to-R
  • Textures Include:
    • 86 Texture, Roughness, Normal, Height, Metallic, Alpha, and Translucency Maps (1024 x 1024 to 4096 x 4096)
  • Daz Studio Iray Material Presets (.DUF)

Compatible Figures:


Compatible Software:

DAZ Studio 4.12

Install Types:

Daz Connect DIM Manual Install