Night and Day City for Daz Studio

Night and Day City for Daz Studio

Night and Day City is a modular city set to create your own cityscapes and skylines – or use the preset scenes and city blocks for easy setup. All assets have a relatively low polygon count so that large numbers of buildings and other props can be used without bogging down your scenes. While the main aim is to use these for medium to long shots, there is enough detail to successfully use them for closer images too.

There are five core buildings designs and each building has a range of optional parts which can have visibility turned on and off to create a wide range of looks from each building. Each also comes with normal and tall versions, 8 color sets and with lights on and off, so any obvious duplication can be avoided in large scenes. There are also some optional frontages to customize the ground floors, and these include shop fronts with a pseudo 3D effect for maximum realism with a relatively low polygon count.

To complete your scenes there is a road surface, road markings, bus shelter, bench, litter bin, tree, grassy areas, advertising boards, etc to create complete street scenes. I have also included low resolution people and vehicles to give your city streets an inhabited feel – these are intended for longer shots only as they are very low poly, the groups I have included can easily be hidden to use your own characters or vehicles in the foreground.

I have included five complete and different premade city blocks and two larger multi-block scenes, all with day and night variants. A common trick in the movies for night scenes is to use wet roads to reflect the lights so I have also included this as an option (it can be used in daytime scenes too!). And because it is a modular set, you can use as many or as few assets as you need to complete your scene.

What's Included and Features

  • Night and Day City for Daz Studio
  • 4 Complete Multi-Block scenes:
    • Crossroads Day
    • Crossroads Night
    • Long Street Day
    • Long Street Night
  • 5 Preset City Blocks (each with Day and Night versions)
    • City Blocks 1-4
    • Shopping Precinct
  • 10 Buildings
    • Building 1-5
    • Building Tall 1-5
    • Each building type comes with 8 preset color sets, 8 configs to turn parts on and off, lights on and off and a reset. Some buildings have a warm and cool lighting option too.
  • Scene Extras
    • Road surface (with Wet and Dry options)
    • Road markings
    • City Block Base with Street Lights (with Wet and Dry options, lights on and off, show or hide banners on lamp posts)
    • Bench
    • Litter Bin
    • Bus Shelter (with Lights On and Off options)
    • Grass Area
    • Urban Tree (with Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter color sets)
    • Bollard
    • Advertising Boards 1-3 (with different adverts on each side)
    • Building Warning Light (with On and Off options)
  • Optional Frontages to further customise buildings
    • Main Entrance
    • Entrance 2 (with lights on and off options)
    • Shops 1-4 with depth effect
  • Low Poly Vehicles
    • Car
    • Truck
    • Van
    • 8 color options for each plus lights on and off
    • Truck can have open or closed rear
    • Traffic presets to match city block dimensions with day and night options
  • Low Poly People
    • 4 standing and 2 sitting LoRes figures with different poses
    • 24 color sets which include turning on and off parts of the figures for different looks
  • Render Settings
    • Bloom On and Off
    • Night Sky
    • Sun-Sky presets for 0730, 0900, 1100, 1400, 1600, 1800
  • Textures Include:
    • 79 Diffuse and Bump Maps (512x512 to 2048 x 2048

Compatible Software:

DAZ Studio 4.10

Install Types:

Daz Connect, Install Manager, Manual Install