Of The Fantasy Summer

Of The Fantasy Summer

Of The Fantasy Summer is a scene resort package where you could immerse your favourite 3D characters so they can enjoy having an amazing fantasy vacation.

The package contains the following items:

• Center Table
• Couch Cushion
• Couch
• Fern
• Floormat
• Hill Steps
• Matte Ground
• Palm Tree
• Pavilion
• Plant
• Pool Hill
• Pool
• Solar Lamp
• Wooden Path

Environmental Lights

• Afternoon Light
• Early Morning Light
• Evening Light
• Midday Light
• Sunset Light
• Morning Light

Dome Settings

• Dome Rotate 0
• Dome Rotate 45
• Dome Rotate 90
• Dome Rotate 135
• Dome Rotate 180
• Dome Rotate 225
• Dome Rotate 270
• Dome Rotate 315
• Draw Dome Off
• Draw Dome On

Emission light settings with the option to turn them on and off

• Solar Lamp Light On
• Center Table Lights On
• Pavilion Lights On
Pavilion Lights

• Pavilion Lights All
• Pavilion Light Left
• Pavilion Light Back
• Pavilion Light Front
• Pavilion Light Right
• Pavilion Light Top

Location poses that work with Genesis 8 (Male and Female), Genesis 8.1 (Male and Female) and Genesis 9 that are meant to position your character before applying your favourite pose.

• Move To Front of Left Couch
• Move To Front of Right Couch
• Move To Pavilion Back
• Move To Pavilion Edge
• Move To Pavilion Front
• Move To Pool Border 01
• Move To Pool Border 02
• Move To Pool Entrance
• Move To Water 01
• Move To Water 02
• Move To Water 03
• Move To Wooden Steps Front

Additional Features

• 11 camera settings
• Preload option (meant to be as a suggestion, but you are more than welcome to place the items and add and remove as you see it fit).
• 77 3000 x 2000 texture, normal, displacement, metallic, roughness, specularity and transparency maps

Thank you for your interest in this product, if you happen to do a render with it, please let me know, I would love to see it in action.

Have a happy rendering time!

Software: DAZ Studio 4 With IRAY

Props for Daz Studio and Poser