Old Crone's Home

Old Crone's Home

High on a hill sits the Old Crone's Home, a whimsical haunt of lost dreams and nightmares.

Now you can own this adorable two room cottage of moldy stone and slightly-rotting plaster. It's a fixer-upper for sure, but comes complete with fully textured interior and highly detailed modeling. All the door and shutter hinges work just fine, and most of the shingles are still attached!

This property includes a private hill with winding path, two once-beautiful trees (still mostly living), a wishing well and wooden bucket (with working handles!), and a good supply of logs to stoke a glowing fire in the lovely indoor fireplace found upstairs. Candle lanterns hang both high and low, and a matching mailbox stands ready to receive your correspondence.

This unique dwelling will be the home of your dreams!

NOTE: This is a high resolution model which may tax less robust systems at its default settings. Set resolution to Base and use the provided Displacement OFF presets for faster rendering or distant shots.

What's Included and Features

  • Old Crone's Home (.DUF)
  • Full Set Preload DISP & Lanterns ON
  • Full Set Preload DISP & Lanterns OFF
  • Old Crone's Home Standalone (building model only)
  • Full Hilltop Setting Preload (Hill, Trees, Stones, Well, Mailbox, Sign)
  • Two Tree Hill Landscape Preload (Hill, Trees, Stones Only)
  • Hill Terrain & Stones Only Preload
  • Hill Terrain Only
    • Included Props (.DUF)
    • Tree Bare Zeroed
    • Tree Sparse Zeroed
    • Two Trees Hilltop Set (Trees and Foliage Only)
    • Mailbox (with rigged door)
    • Signpost
    • Well Zeroed (with rigged winch, bucket handle, and 2 water planes)
    • Wooden Bucket Zeroed (with rigged handle and water plane)
    • Log Pile Group (for outdoors) - All logs are separate props!
    • Log Supply (for indoor fireplace cubby)
    • Log Supply Zeroed (for use wherever logs are wanted)
    • Hearth Logs
    • Hearth Fire (Emissive)
    • Ladder Stairs
    • Stone Supports Front
    • Stone Supports Side
    • Hanging Lantern Zero (with internal Candle and rigged Chain)
    • Standing Lantern Zero (with internal Candle)
    • Lantern Candle Glow Light Zeroed
    • Lantern Candle NoGlow Zeroed
    • Material Presets (Iray Only) (.DUF)
    • All materials are PBR and include Displacement
    • Numerous pop-up Notes explain various features
    • Old Crone's Home Displacement OFF Preset
    • Old Crone's Home Displacement ON Preset
    • All Lanterns OFF
    • All Lanterns ON - Candle Glow
    • All Lanterns ON - Shade Glow
    • Hearth Fire Burning (Emissive Fire & Embers)
    • Hearth Fire Out (Burned Logs)
    • Hearth Fire Unburned (Fresh Cut Logs)
    • Hilltop Landscape Displacement OFF Preset
    • Hilltop Landscape Displacement ON Preset
    • Hill Material Distant (lower tiling level)
    • Hill Material Near (higher tiling level)
    • Tree Leaves Autumn
    • Tree Leaves Spring
    • Tree Trunk Bark
    • Tree Trunk Mossy
    • Sign For Sale!
    • Sign Keep Out!
    • Sign No Trespassing
    • Candle Lit
    • Candle Unlit
    • Hanging Lantern OFF
    • Hanging Lantern ON Candle Lit
    • Hanging Lantern ON Shade Glow
    • Standing Lantern OFF
    • Standing Lantern ON Candle Lit
    • Standing Lantern ON Shade Glow
    • Lighting Presets (.DUF)
    • Load All Lights
    • Exterior 3-Point Distant Lighting
    • 2 Interior Window Glow Point Lights (Upstairs and Downstairs)
    • 1 Interior Hearth Fire Light (for increased fire illumination)
    • Camera Presets (.DUF)
    • Load All Cameras
    • 7 Exterior Cameras
    • 4 Interior Cameras
    • Textures Include
    • 197 Diffuse, Displacement, Bump, Roughness, Specularity, Normal, and Transparency Maps:
      • 13 8K Maps (8192x8192)
      • 169 4K Maps (4096x4096)
      • 13 2K Maps (2048x2048)
      • 1 1K Bump/Displacement Map (1000x1000)
      • 1 Cutout Map (200x200)

Compatible Software:

DAZ Studio 4.12

Install Types:

Daz Connect, Install Manager, Manual Install