Pro Wrestling Poses for F4 II

Pro Wrestling Poses for F4 II

The FREAK 4 climbs back into the ring with this followup to the first set: Pro Wrestling Poses for F4! This fully-standalone pack contains 50 poses in a wide variety of pro wrestling attacks and submission holds along with an assortment of flexes, placements, pins, and winner/loser poses. Included in the pack are 7 poses to enable one of your FREAKY characters to act as referee!

Along with the 50 full body poses come 7 hand poses designed to give you easier control over the 'Get up!' and Pin Result poses.

Pro Wrestling Poses for F4 II makes a great companion pack to mix and match with my original Pro Wrestling Poses for F4 set!

Separated and labeled into six easy-to-use folders.


DAZ's Michael 4 with the FREAK 4
DAZ Studio or Poser

Pro Wrestling Poses for F4 II was optimized using Michael 4 as the FREAK 4 (FreakScaleOn = 1.0; MonstrousBody = 0.70) as the default figure.

These poses are also compatible with, but not optimized for, base Michael 4 and Hiro 4. Other figures such as Victoria 4 may work somewhat with these poses, but they were not tested for them.

Some minor tweaking of translation and rotation may be required for figures with larger or smaller than normal scale or for figures who are wearing footgear with large soles or other bulky clothing.

Will not overwrite a figure's X or Z translations, its scale, or its facial expressions.

Will overwrite a figure's hip rotations (rotation using the full body is recommended for easier posing).

Product requirements

Products: Poser or DAZ Studio, Michael 4, The FREAK 4
Compatible figures: 
Poses and Expressions for Poser