AtoZ Kudos Microwave Transmission Tower I v1

AtoZ Kudos Microwave Transmission Tower I v1

AtoZ Microwave Transmitter I v1
Kudos Set for Poser (can be used in DAZ 3D as a Poser Version Runtime!)
There is one and only one reason that the few floating land masses of Kudos are populated with these specialized Ultra Frequency Microwave Towers... Without them the planetary protecting DragonFires would not be able to stay aloft almost indefinitely in their hot gases turbine dirven hover mode! The Dragonfire Launch Towers (not shown or included) also pepper the landscape with their Dragonfires ready to launch at anytime. Of course, without these Kudos Microwave Towers and their valuable Transmitters the planet could all too easily be pillaged! The O.K.W. (Organization of Known Worlds) has had possession of Kudos for almost all of its long history and long ago designed both the atmospheric and orbital DragonFires (not included) to protect its unique surface. A surface littered with massive amounts of extraordinary rare metals and crystals included the most prized in the universe Shard!

This set includes not only the AtoZ Kudos Microwave Transmitter a nd its Specialized Kudos Tower, but also preloads. Also included are two terrains on which to place these towers and AtoZ's "amazing" MAGIC Service Box and Service Panel! "Magic?" you ask? Well, like AtoZ's (extremely) Magical Door (available only here at Renderosity! < check it out below!) This Magic Box and Magic Panel can be used not only as mounted in this set, but let's say you want to use one of them on another model you have... If that model has a properly shaped opening, you can easily hide the Box or Panel's Bottom and viola! You then have a opening that can be opened or closed, locked or unlocked! How about you want a "deeper" Box or Panel? Just scale it up and then "move" the bottom down! Yes, you can also make the Box or Panel shallow and raise the bottom to match! This is what I call "REAL" AtoZ EZ2Use Magic!
You will find your files as follows:
Poser files: Runtime>
Geometries>TJM>Kudos & Terrains
Textures>TJM>Kudos & Terrains>Kudos
Character>TJM>Kudos>Kudos Microwave Tower
Pose>TJM>Terrains>Kudos (one Default)
Props>TJM>Kudos>Service Platforms
Lights>TJM>Kudos (one set)
Camera>TJM>Kudos (one set)

REmember you can use the Poser Runtime as a DAZ 3D Poser version... A few of the components may require a bit of relocating but other than that this set rocks in DAZ 3D!)
If you decide to add this Kudos Product to your Libraries, may I thank you in advance.
Tim Machan a.k.a. AtoZ a.k.a. Tiger9166
copyright 2019 Tim Machan's AtoZ, Inc.
All rights reserved as specified here at Renderosity.

Poser 7+, Daz Studio 4

Props for Poser and Daz Studio