Brooke Gun

Brooke Gun

This is a fully articulated Poser figure of a Brooke rifled cannon, sized for Poser people. The Brooke guns were manufactured in Virginia and Alabama and used by the Confederate navy and on shore batteries during the Civil War. The figure features moving parts controlled by coordinated ERC controls at the Body level. It is designed for Poser but performs well in DAZ Studio. See the ReadMe file for particulars about DAZ Studio compatibility.

- Articulated Brooke Gun
- Extras
- Special Block & Tackle sets pre-positioned for rotating the gun
- Bonus horizontal Block & Tackle for general use

Controls are accessible at the BODY level, coordinated so that linked parts of the figure operate together, and articulated to facilitate animation.

Coordinated controls
- Elevate-decline gun
- Roll Gun out and in on its track
- Rotate the Gun carriage

- Gunboat casement and deck segments
- Alternate non-rotating gun carriage
- Rope smart-props for use with M4 and V4 poses

- Michael 4 & Victoria 4 gun crew poses
- Hide/show pose for use with your own alternate enplacement
- Hide/show pose for use with supplied alternate non-rotating gun carriage

All components are UV-mapped
Textures up to 4000x4000
(All texture templates included)

The figure and props use external geometry in the Poser geometries folder.

See the ReadMe file and view the product promos above for more information.

Software: Poser 6+

Props for Poser and Daz Studio