Clearly Improbable Cabinet

Clearly Improbable Cabinet

A great performance of a stage magic staple is usually designed to obscure the inner workings of the prop such that the secret of the performance is hidden from the audience's curious, sometimes awestruck eyes. What if a performance could do away with such a mechanic though, and simply present what is clearly improbable directly to for all to see with no misdirection? Well for that, you'd need a prop tailored for such a performance, of course! The Clearly Improbable Cabinet set is the answer!

The Clearly Improbable Cabinet set includes a base pose for both Genesis 8 Female and Genesis 8 Male that will position the figure within the prop and ready to be divided for the amusement and amazement of the audience, as well as a collection of colour combinations that can be rapidly applied to the entire set, or individually to the separate parts instead.

This set has been designed to work in conjunction with Divisible for Genesis 8 Female and Divisible for Genesis 8 Male which are also available here at my Renderosity store, however it can be used separately and with other figures with a little creativity, determination and a bit of postwork instead.

For Daz Studio only.

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