Crowd Control (Poses and Props for V4)

Crowd Control (Poses and Props for V4)

This science fiction inspired set includes three smart props and 15 poses for Victoria 4.

The "electro-baton" is two seperate props, the base baton that smart props directly into V4's right hand, and electrified vanes that can be rotated 360 degrees around the end of the baton. The main baton is also configured so that it can be easily rotated within V4's hand for a wide variety of grip styles.

The vanes comes with multiple material presets that allow you to amplify the electrical output or turn it off entirely.

The third prop is a basic shield that smart props into V4's left hand. The set also includes 15 poses specifically designed for these props and two hand poses for both the baton and shield allowing you to mix and match the props with whatever poses you like.

Poser 7+

Compatible figures: Victoria 4

Compatible figures: 
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