Darkmont Cemetery for DAZ

Darkmont Cemetery for DAZ

Darkmont Cemetery is a cemetery that can be used for both modern themes or historic. It is set up so the standard render depicts a clean well kept cemetery that is maintained and currently in use. The second option is to include the foliage and vegetation of an overgrown derelict cemetery that can be used for horror purposes. The MarbleClean.jpg is used for the up kept version and by swapping it with MarbleDirty.jpg you get the rundown looking cemetery.

There are 16 headstones to choose from, a grave that is freshly dug, 2 distinct crypts, both can be entered. Crypt 2 has a coffin and lid within that can be used for a corpse or an undead.

Also included is 2 trees, one dead, that can be duplicated freely to enhance the scene. BUMP maps are included for the ground textures to add authenticity.

Great for both daytime and nighttime renders.

Located in Scenes/Shredder/Darkmont Cemetery

Software: Daz Studio 4, DAZ Studio 4 With IRAY

Props for Poser and Daz Studio