Exnem Burgers for DAZ and IRAY

Exnem Burgers for DAZ and IRAY

With this product you can create any burger you can think of... Using a calculator, the number of possible combinations using all the parts and materials adds up to more than one hundred thousand (100,000+).

You can either create your own hamburger, step by step, ingredient by ingredient, or you can just use one of the ready made ones that come as a single prop and change materials as you see fit.

Included are tons of materials for each ingredient so you can mix and match until you're staisfied.

Materials are for Iray renderer only.

You'll never find a more complete pack for such an amazing price, so get it now before it's too late.


System Requirements:

Daz Studio and Iray Renderer
Any other 3D application that supports OBJ files


Ownership Statement:

All of this product's content was created by Exnem


Installation Instructions:

Extract the zip-archive with your unzip program:
- Open your unzip program and press the button -Extract To-
- Select the folder with you DAZ Studio libraries (e.g.: C:\Users\Public\Documents\My DAZ 3D Library)
- Make sure that an option to extract full paths is selected to make sure you keep the right folder structures within your DAZ folder.


Usage Tips or Limitations:

There are basicaly two ways to create your hamburger:

A) By selecting one already made in the "Props/Exnem/Burgers" folder
B) By creating your won, step by step with the single props located at "Props/Exnem/Burgers/Build-A-Burger"

Step by Step A: (Ready Made Burger)

Go to "Props/Exnem/Burgers" folder and select one of the complete burgers, named "Burger01" and so on...

Double click to add it to the world.

Each material comes in different folders that correspond to each part, so just make sure you have the burger you want to change selected and then go through the various folders located at "Props\Exnem\Burgers\Materials\Iray".

Select the type of cheese, bread, meat, etc... You can mix and match materials as you like for each burger.

Once you have finished you can parent your burger to whatever other object or figure you wish in your scene so it will move with it, be it a table, the hand of a figure or whatever you need.

Step by Step B: (Build-A-Burger)

Go to "Props/Exnem/Burgers/Build-A-Burger" folder and select and add with double click, the parts you want to add to your burger IN ORDER... so... select the bottom bread, then what you want on top, scale, tranlsate and rotate to your liking, so on and so on, repeat with each part until you finally add the top bread.

The same procedure as above (step A) applies here for changing materials, except you have to make sure you have the right part selected to change the right material... so if added for example the "bread bottom & cheese", make sure it's selected then change the bread material and the cheese material. Then select the next part and change that material... etc... it's actually really easy, once you make your first you'll get the hang of it in no time, it's very self explainatory and everything is carefully ordered so you don't get lost.

Once you have applied materials for all your single burger props it's time to link them together.

You can either link everything to the bottom bread, or link each part to the part below, which is what I prefer, it's really a matter of preference or what you need it
for. So grab each part (except the bottom bread) and link them by parenting them to the bottom bread or to the part below. Finally link the bottom bread to whatever other object or figure you wish in your scene, be it a table, the hand of a figure or whatever you need and when that object moves the whole burger (bottom bread and all its parts) will move with it.

That's it, it's very simple and intuitive once you get the hand of it.

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