Flags Galore

Flags Galore

This set is a solution for all your flag needs! It contains six different types of flags: traditional flagpole flags, office/classroom flags, hand-held stick flags, miniature desk flags, house flags (all pre-draped!), plus dForce-ready draping flags. The flagpole flags also offer different shape options: normal 2:3 flag ratios, as well as 1:2 and 1:1 flag ratios, plus a few odd shapes, including heraldic flags.

The set also includes hundreds of correct flag textures which can be added to a flag in one click, including the flags of every nation on earth, all fifty U.S. states, all the provinces of Canada and Australia, all German states, as well as all nautical flags, plain colored flags, and several important historical, military, social, cultural, and general-purpose flags. With the included templates, you can also easily create your own custom flags!

[Additional props like coffin not included]

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