Flinks Pine Forest

Flinks Pine Forest

"Flinks Pine Forest" contains 23 different objects in the Poser format.

For Poser:

- 1 landscape prop (with a flat area in the middle, for easy placement of objects (instant meadow for example), characters or whole scenes)
- 4 rocks props (the rocks fit different areas of the landscape)
- 9 pines props (these pines fit different areas of the landscape. the tree groups at the outer edge of the landscape are the most undetailed, those in the middle of the landscape are the most detailed. The pine trees are generally modeled as low-poly as possible and are not meant for close-ups.)
- 3 pine squares props (These squares match (43x43 poser units) the flat grounds of the "instant products" and can be combined to create larger or denser forests)
- 6 single pines props (6 different individual pine trees. they are a bit more detailed than the ones from the tree groups and most suitable for close-ups.)
- 4 combined objects (all objects combined, all objects except the center, all objects on the side in front of the camera, all objects behind the camera)
- 2 different landscape-shaders (as material collection & single material)

For Daz Studio:

- 4 material presets for DAZ Studio 4.15 - Iray

Software: Poser Pro 11, Poser 12

Requirements:  3d software with obj import

Props for Poser and Daz Studio