Flinks Blossom Forest

Flinks Blossom Forest

"Flinks Blossom Forest" contains:

- 12 different forest tiles with ground, petals, lily leaves, lily blossoms and trees as separate objects

8 tiles correspond to the tiles of "Flinks Instant Meadow 3" and the extension "more tiles" and can be combined with my other tile-based products (e.g. Instant Meadow 3 products, Instant Lake...)

4 tiles are twice as large as the normal "Instant Meadow 3" tiles (83x83 Poser units). They fit into the tile grid, but are not compatible with the objects for the IM3 tiles, but they can be combined with the big "Flinks Instant Forest" tiles

- 6 individual single trees
- 1 petal object for the single trees
- 3 circular flat lily leaves objects
- 3 circular flat lily blossom objects

- 3 different color schemes for the trees and petals (Poser & DAZ)

For Poser:
- 12 different ground props
- 30 different groundcover props(6 circular props)
- 12 different trees props
- 13 petals props
- 6 different single tree props
- 12 complete tiles (ground, petals, lily leaves, lily blossom and trees combined)
- 5 predefined tile sets
- 6 Poser materials

and 18 material presets for DAZ Studio 4.10 (Iray & 3Delight)

The product does not contain separate OBJ archives. If you want to use it with other software, you can find the OBJ files and textures in the Poser directory.

Software: Poser 10+

Props for Poser and Daz Studio