Flinks Rolling Hills - Translucent Grass

Flinks Rolling Hills - Translucent Grass

"Flinks Rolling Hills - Translucent Grass" adds a total of 45 new materials and 27 combined landscape objects to the "Rolling Hills" package.

It is intended as an enhancement for "Flinks Rolling Hills" and the two add-ons "Grass Add-On" and "Grass Add-On 2" and extends it with several material options with translucent grass and already finished combinations of the landscape and grass from the two add-ons.

For Poser:

3 new translucent poser materials for grass types 1-15, so a total of 45 materials in 3 categories:

- NonTranslucentGrass
a Firefly material with no translucency at all. The standard grass material has a slight translucency and is therefore difficult to use in night scenes with Firefly

- TranslucentGrass
strong translucency, can be used in Firefly as well as in Superfly

- TranslucentGrass Superfly
special Superfly material. Slightly different from the Firefly material

9 combined landscape objects. Already combined landscapes with different types of grass and materials that can be loaded directly from the library.
Each landscape is available in 3 different material sets, so a total of 27 objects in 3 categories:

- Normal - the normal material

- Translucent

- Translucent-Superfly

to use these combinations, you need the 3 products:
- Flinks Rolling Hills
- Flinks Rolling Hills - Grass Add-On
- Flinks Rolling Hills - Grass Add-On 2

Software: Poser Pro 11, Poser 12

Required Products: Flinks Rolling Hills, Flinks Rolling Hills - Grass Add-On, Flinks Rolling Hills - Grass Add-On 2

Props for Poser and Daz Studio