Flinks Space 2

Flinks Space 2

"Flinks Space 2" contains:
Several layers of space objects that can be combined to create individual space scenes or scenes on moon/planet surfaces:

"BackgroundStars" object. The backmost layer, a sphere with tiled star background texture(2000x2000). There are 10 different textures included. For each texture there is a material included and also a separate textured object.

"360Nebula" object. A layer that lies in front of the "BackgroundStars" layer. A sphere with a 360° panorama texture (8000x4000). There are 12 different textures included. For each texture a material is included and also a textured object can be loaded.
Several of these layers can be combined to even more complex nebulae, only the size should be varied slightly.

"Nebula" objects. A total of 7 square objects of different sizes. 6 of them are adapted to the star spheres and can easily be rotated around their center to place them more precisely. One object is a centered square that can be moved completely freely, for even more control over the position and size of a nebula.
There are 12 different textures (2000x2000) included and for each texture a material is included and also a separate textured object for all sizes.
Several of these layers can be combined.

"Stars" objects. A total of 12 different objects with alpha planes of different sizes arranged spherically around the center and aligned to the center. The stars have 10 different materials and can therefore contain 10 different star shapes from a total of 30 different star shapes. The star shapes are included as single materials and as 10 different material collections for Poser and DAZ.
These objects can and should be combined. For even denser stars you can also just copy them and rotate them a bit.

"Haze" object. A layer that lies in front of the other layers and is supposed to simulate an atmosphere effect of e.g. planets. A sphere with a transparency texture and a color (can be easily changed). There are 5 different transparency textures included and for each texture 4 different colors (red,blue,grey and yellow). Each combination is included as object and material in the library.

"Ground" object(s). A crater landscape in the center of the scene, the object is also included in a higher resolution version for close-ups. If a simple planetary or lunar surface is needed.

6 ready combined scenes. already created space scenes(2 of them with ground object) directly loadable from the library.

"Flinks Space 2" is designed to work best when the camera is in the center of the scene. keep this in mind when planning the scene.



10 background stars objects:
outer sphere with 10 different tiled star textures(2000x2000)

12 360nebula objects:
sphere with 12 different nebula textures(8000x4000) with transparency maps(4000x2000)

84 nebula objects:
7 different sized squares with 12 different nebula textures(2000x2000) with transparency maps(1000x1000)

20 haze objects:
sphere with 5 different transparency maps(5x500) and 4 different colors per haze type

12 stars objects:
spherical arranged stars (many alpha planes per object with up to 30 different transparency maps(400x400) & up to 16 color maps(200x200))
10 different materials per object

2 ground objects:
crater landscape in two levels of detail

6 combined objects (different combinations of objects)


10 background stars materials
20 haze materials
12 360nebula materials
12 nebula materials
10 stars materials
30 single star materials

For DAZ:

95 materials for DAZ Studio 4.15 - Iray

1 ground material preset
10 background stars material presets
20 haze material presets
12 360nebula material presets
12 nebula material presets
10 stars material presets
30 single star shaders

If the objects are not completely displayed in the Poser camera, it is because they are too large for the default settings. To prevent clipping, you should increase the "Yon" parameter of the camera used(Main/Dolly/...), until the scene is completely visible. Also, the Poser Ground object must be set to invisible because it is smaller than the Space objects.

Poser Pro 11, Poser 12

Props for Poser and Daz Studio