This is 1936 style of sci-fi spaceship and aircraft suitable for deep space and planetary exploration and combat.It is highly versatile and very fast vehicle, powered by pure antimatter fueling four main super-speed-of-light engines and ring of thruster jets used mainly for maneuvering and sub-speed-of-light travels. It is armed with powerful multispectral raybeam cannon with green laser for stunning living beings, blue for disupting energy shields and walls and red for fyzical destrution of ships and structures. It is designed for for crew of three plus two passengers-operatives and its equipped with modest stateroom with large bed for conducting various diplomatic negotiations.

What is included:

ERC Poser Figure
ERC dials for hiding various parts of model and moving synchronized parts

4 hull texture variants (Steel Bullet, American Hero, Space Explorer and US Air Force)
2 texture variants for main engine flames: blue and orange
2 texture variants for thruster jet flames: blue and orange
3 material variants for raygun beam: green, blue, red

2 interior lights: Cockpit Light and Reactor Light

5 M4 full body poses: pilot, science officer, engineer, 2 passengers

Scaled to poser people, textures 4000x4000, product is intended for closeups, selected dials with limits on, suitable for animations. ERC coding for easier use. Unpacked Runtime Size: 106 MB. Design inspired by classical movie.

Software: Poser 7+

Compatible figures: Michael 4

Compatible figures: 
Props for Poser and Daz Studio