Summer Or Fall Season Linden Trees

Summer Or Fall Season Linden Trees

Here are eleven general-purpose Linden Trees (Tilia europa) that can be used for Summer or Fall season scenes.

Originally, these trees were conceived to be used in the Paris Coffee Kiosk landscape model set - to allow you to make scenes of a Parisian river walkway in the Fall or in the bright Summer. Linden trees are very common in Western Europe: they crowd the Seine river frontage area.

But while making these trees, it seemed like a good idea to make them as versatile as possible so that they could be used in any 3d scenery and for use in any 3d application.

What makes these trees versatile are two things. First, you can alter the colors of the leaves so that the trees have bright green Summer season foilage, or bright yellow-orange Autumn Season foilage, or your can used leaf colors that show the transition from Summer to Fall colors. Each tree requires three leaf materials. Six alternative green leaf materials and seven alternative yellow and orange leaf materials are provided in the package. You can apply any of these to create the general color and tone of a tree as you wish. Using three slightly different leaf colors for each also creates the natural color variation characteristic of Linden trees - as shown in all of these images. (All the other Linden tree 3d models that I know of on CGTrader, Turbosquid or elsewhere inexplicably used only a single leaf color.)

Second, these trees are reasonably high-resolution - detailed enough to be used in close-up views. However, the detail is greatest in the lower part of the tree, where you are more likely to look closely at the tree, or focus a camera. The level of detail (and the polygon count) progressively diminishes as you go higher in the tree - in areas further away from your eyes and most camera focal points. This allows the trees to be used in close-up views, but also be light-enough in terms of polygon count to be useful in mid and background views.

These Linden Trees have physically accurate forms for the species and the European variety. All are "open-grown" as would be found along Parisian riverbanks, and a few have some broken branch areas - typical of older trees in heavy use urban areas.

The eleventh tree is much older and larger than the other ten trees. It is specifically shaped to be placed alongside the Paris Coffee Kiosk model and hang over it as shown in the primary product picture. The trunk of this tree is much more knarled and there is one large "knot" on the side where a large branch broke off early in the life of the tree.

To help complete a Fall Season scene, the package includes one large patch of fallen leaves for the ground around any of the trees, and one smaller and more sparse patch of fallen leaves. If your application allows random scattering of objects such as tree leaves, one low-polygon count tree leaf is included for this purpose.

These trees are in *.OBJ file format.

Software: Blender

Props for Poser and Daz Studio