The T-35 was a Soviet multi-turreted heavy tank of the interwar period and early Second World War that saw limited production and service with the Red Army. Often called a land battleship, it was the only five-turreted heavy tank in the world to reach production, but proved to be slow and mechanically unreliable. Outwardly, it was large; but internally, the spaces were cramped with the fighting compartments separated from each other. Some of the turrets obscured the entrance hatches.

Most of the T-35 tanks still operational at the time of Operation Barbarossa were lost due to fact, that concerning their consumption, they had relatively small tanks and therefore a short range, and they ran out of fuel when retreating. About 60 tanks were built in several similar versions. Only one example survives and is preserved in running condition in Moscow Tank Museum Kubinka.

What is included:
Poser ERC figures:

T-35 Tank (moving tracks, 50 ERC channels for moving various parts or changing configuration of the tank)
DT MG AA Mount

DT MG static prop
10 tools, ladders, or spare tracks props

PBR and Specular Variants for tank, mount and props

Crew Poses for M4: Driver and Commander

Up to 4kx4k and textures suitable for closeups, Unpacked Runtime Size: 400 MB.
suitable for animations. Historical Reconstruction.

Software: Poser 7+

Compatible figures: Michael 4

Compatible figures: 
Props for Poser and Daz Studio