Union Army Seacoast Mortar

Union Army Seacoast Mortar

The 13-inch seacoast mortar was used by the Union Army in many theaters in the American Civil War. It was capable of bombarding a target well over 4000 yards (more than two miles) away with a 227-pound ball.

The Union Army Seacoast Mortar is a Poser figure with operating parts. (The model was built for Poser but loads and operates in DAZ Studio – see the ReadMe for particulars).

The model has full ERC control at the Body level:
- The mortar elevation can be changed
- The mortar carriage can be elevated for rotation and then turned left and right, mimicking the actual mechanics of operation

- Gunner's quadrant for measuring barrel elevation
- Mortar ball carrier assembly

The Seacoast Mortar loads preloaded with props, some of which are made visible or hidden with the mortar operations poses (see below).
Preloaded in stowed positions
- Tompion to keep water and debris out of the mortar muzzle
- Metal Handspikes for operating the carriage eccentric and turning the carriage wheels
- Wood Handspikes to lever the carriage assist in turning the mortar
- Lever bar to change the mortar elevation
- Mortar footing sub-platform
- Stacked mortar balls
- Three-part terrain of a typical mortar emplacement
- Gun crew-parented smart props posed to match mortar operations
- Simple Flash/Smoke 2-1/2-D prop

20 Michael4 gun crew poses for different mortar operation phases
- Preparation
- Loading
- Raising mortar carriage on eccentric
- Turning mortar carriage
- Elevating
- Firing
Corresponding set up poses for the mortar and equipment

- 4 Full sets (Main, Aux, Left, Right, Top, Bottom, Front, Back) tailored to scene size
- 16 Custom Dolly CAMs, some associated with mortar operating phases

See the ReadMe file and view the product promos above for more information.

Software: Poser 6

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