Vision Of Paradise base

Vision Of Paradise base


360 ° view thanks to the skydome
diversity of plants and trees:duplicate, enlarge and translate to create diversified gardens
exotic pool design (water level can be adjusted with limits)
easy use with cameras and .PZ3 scene provided


1 complete prop (with all props)
19 separates props: flowers, trees, pool,
terraces, bush, clumps
1 summer light set
10 cameras
1 skydome
1 pz3 scene

All promos images render in Poser Pro 2012 without postwork
except texts and compositions.

Tested in P7, P8 and P9, not tested in DS (all materials are optimized for Poser).

Requirements: Poser 7 or above optimized for P9 (tested in P7, P8 and P9)

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Digital ProductFile (1): 26.35 MB

Props for Poser and Daz Studio