The Castle

The Castle

Large castle with interior rooms and exterior + terrain.
- Easy use for cameras placement: all walls, ceilings and grounds can be hidden or removed.
- 5 separate floors.
- Coherent construction: spiral stair located in the main tower that allows access to different levels of the castle. Fireplaces on 3 levels.
- All doors can open and close with limits forced.


- 70 .obj files (all props use external .obj)
- 1 preloaded "complete" prop (all floors + terrain)
- 1 terrain prop (with parented props)
- 1 cellar prop (with parented props)
- 1 ground floor prop (with parented props)
- 1 first floor prop (with parented props)
- 1 second floor prop (with parented props)
- 1 roofing prop (with parented props)
- 4 exterior light set (day, night, cloudy, inferno)
- 1 interior luminosity light
- 24 cameras
- 41 texture maps (transparency, difuse, normal, displacment, etc...)

If you want to work with only single floor, we recommend that you load into your scene single floor that interests you.
He hugged you and easier to place your characters and/or objects.

The terrain uses 2 high resolutions textures 8192*8192, if your system is not powerful enough, or if you have an older computer,
you may need to reduce the size of textures. Dividing by two (4096*4096), in Photoshop for example.

Please check displacment and raytrace in your render settings.

All promos images render in Poser Pro 2012.
Tested in P7, P8 and P9, not tested in DS.

Product requirements

Poser 7+
Props Scenes and Architecture for Poser