PTF Neon Splash Lighting Suite

PTF Neon Splash Lighting Suite

Neon Splash Lighting Suite is a comprehensive set of HDRIs with modern feel. Bright neon colours will spice up any render. Glamour, cute, horror, suspense, drama - there are plenty of moods to choose from.

The set includes 30 HDRIs: 25 in colour + 5 neutral greyscale ones. There are multiple environment options available, such as: rotation, blur, visibility, brightness, contrast, saturation, tint.

The Suite also comes with 8 Daz lights presets that could be used on their own or in combination with HDRIs. The Lighting Setups include the good old classics, like the Butterfly (Paramount) and Loop lighting, Rembrandt, Three-Point, Two-Point, as well as some custom combinations of Modern Three-Point, Noir and Full Body. There are presets for the lighting rigs to load either in the world centre or parented to the selected figure. The latter option is very convenient when your figure is moved.

Moreover, this set comes with 24 Colour Gels in three flavours: pastel, bold or natural. They can be used on any Daz Light. So you can throw in even more colour exactly where you need it.

But wait, there is more! As a bonus, we include our custom Skin, Hair and Lips Gloss settings, together with some metallic flakes layer for the skin to boost it's reflectivity.

And to top it all off, Neon Splash Lighting Suite is sprinkled with helpful tips on how to fine tune most of the presets included.

What's Included and Features

  • PTF Neon Splash Lighting Suite (.DUF)
  • HDRI Environments:
    • 30 low resource HDRIs presets
    • 30 larger HDRIs presets
  • Daz Studio Iray Light Presets:
    • Lights Butterfly Centered
    • Lights Butterfly Parented
    • Lights Full Body Centered
    • Lights Full Body Parented
    • Lights Loop Centered
    • Lights Loop Parented
    • Lights Modern Three Point Centered
    • Lights Modern Three Point Parented
    • Lights Noir Centered
    • Lights Noir Parented
    • Lights Rembrandt Centered
    • Lights Rembrandt Parented
    • Lights Three Point Centered
    • Lights Three Point Parented
    • Lights Two Point Centered
    • Lights Two Point Parented
  • Colour Gels for Daz Lights:
    • Colour Gel 01 Natural Cool 01
    • Colour Gel 01 Natural Cool 02
    • Colour Gel 01 Natural Neutral 01
    • Colour Gel 01 Natural Neutral 02
    • Colour Gel 01 Natural Warm 01
    • Colour Gel 01 Natural Warm 02
    • Colour Gel Bold Blue
    • Colour Gel Bold Burnt Orange
    • Colour Gel Bold Green
    • Colour Gel Bold Magenta
    • Colour Gel Bold Orange
    • Colour Gel Bold Pink
    • Colour Gel Bold Red
    • Colour Gel Bold Teal
    • Colour Gel Bold Violet
    • Colour Gel Bold Yellow
    • Colour Gel Pastel Arctic Blue
    • Colour Gel Pastel Dust Pink
    • Colour Gel Pastel Lavender
    • Colour Gel Pastel Lime
    • Colour Gel Pastel Mint Green
    • Colour Gel Pastel Peach
    • Colour Gel Pastel Rose Pink
    • Colour Gel Pastel Yellow
  • Utilities for Dome and Tone Mapping:
    • !Dome Blur OFF
    • !Dome Blur ON
    • !Dome OFF
    • !Dome ON
    • !Dome Orientation !Default
    • !Dome Orientation 0
    • !Dome Orientation 270
    • !Dome Orientation 90
    • !Reset All Tint and Saturation
    • Brightness !Reset
    • Brightness 00-03
    • Contrast !Reset
    • Contrast 01-04
    • Contrast High
    • Contrast Low
    • Saturation !Reset
    • Saturation -1
    • Saturation 0.25
    • Saturation 0.5
    • Saturation 0
    • Saturation 2
    • Tint !Reset
    • Tint 01 Cool
    • Tint 02 Warm
    • Tint 03 Sepia
    • Tint 04 Vintage
    • Tint 05-10
  • Skin and Hair Gloss Iray Presets:
    • Hair Gloss High Sharp
    • Hair Gloss High Soft
    • Hair Gloss Low Sharp
    • Hair Gloss Low Soft
    • Lips Gloss High
    • Lips Gloss Low
    • Lips Gloss Medium
    • Skin Gloss Base
    • Skin Gloss High
    • Skin Gloss Oily
    • Skin Metallic Dark
    • Skin Metallic Light
    • Skin Metallic Medium
  • Textures Include: (.EXR)
    • 30 Low Resource HDRI Maps (360x180)
    • 30 HDRI Maps (1500x750)

Compatible Figures:

Genesis 8 Female, Genesis 8 Male

Compatible Software:

DAZ Studio 4.10

Install Types:

Daz Connect, Install Manager, Manual Install

Compatible figures: