Pumps Garberia For G8&8.1F

Pumps Garberia For G8&8.1F

Pumps Garberia for G8&8.1f(s)
By Kony


This product was tested in Daz Studio 4.9 on PC.
This product was not tested on a MAC system.

If you should have any problems to get this package working correctly, please feel free to contact me. (through PM or E-Mail)

System Requirements

This product was created for Daz Studio 4.9.
This product will need Genesis 8 Female at DAZ3d.
Most Gensesis 8 Female characters (including Genesis 8.1 Female) can use this product

Items that include in this product:

Conforming Footwear figure "Pumps Garberia"

Attaching smart-props "Pumps Garberia Prop Left & Right"

G8F Pose "Foot Pose" & "Foot Pose Reset"

17 Shoes Styles,3 Ornament styles,3 Vamp Edge styles, 3 Sole style, 3 Sole Logo Style & 3 Insole Styles in Iray materials

Contained Genesis 8 Female body shape morphs

Contained G8F Characters Morphs:
Aiko8, Victoria 8, CJ8, Kanade 8, Teen Josie 8,
Teen Jane 8, Kala8, Olympia 8, Alexandra 8, Josephene 8

Most other body shape morphs can be fit with
Daz Studio's Auto-follow

"Fit Adjust" morphs can be used to fix some fit problem on the pumps.

Texture template JPG file for Pumps Garberia (in textures directory)

This Readme file in Documentation directory

Installation & Usage Hints
To install, unzip all the files to your Daz Studio Library.

To use, just select the G8F figure in your scene, then double click the "Pumps Garberia" figure to apply the boots figure to the G8f figure,and double click the "Foot Pose for Garbera" to apply the foot pose to the G8f figure.
Note: Daz Studio will pop up a "Preset Exceeds Limits" message when you apply the foot pose, please choose the "Leave limits on" option.

If your want to remove the Pumps Garberia figure, select the pumps figure in your scene and right click to delete it, and select the G8f figure, double click the "Foot Pose Reset" in Pumps Garberia library directory to reset the G8f figure foot pose.
(The "Foot Pose" would change some parametre of G8f joint limit so you need the "Foot Pose Reset" to set them to default.

"Pumps Garberia Props" are not morph with G8f's feet but attach to the toes of instead. Therefore, props can be used instead of pumps figure to make
the scene of shoes dangling on the toes.

"Fit Adjust" morphs on both figure & props are used to adjust the edge or the vamp, this can fix some pantyhose/stocking threading up problems.


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