PW UFO Abduction Class

PW UFO Abduction Class

PW UFO Abduction Class,

The Perfect UFO for your Aliens!

Complete with the interior, Props and Material sets to
adjust the lights.

Check out the PW UFO Abduction Class movie clip for an Iray tour!

Get ready for

- Invasion.
- Planting seeds on planets to spread.
- Abducting animal or humans for research.
- Recon missions, long trips away from the mother ship/planet


What's Included and Features

  • UFO Abduction Class: (.DUF)
    • UFO All
    • UFO No Rooms
    • UFO Pod
  • Room Preloads:
    • UFO Cargohold
    • UFO Cryo Room
    • UFO Disinfection Room
    • UFO Engine Room
    • UFO Grow Room
    • UFO HallWay
    • UFO Holding Room
    • UFO Research room
    • UFO Situation Room
  • Props:
    • UFO Alien Chair
    • UFO Container Seed
    • UFO Cryo Chamber
    • UFO Disinfect Walkthrough
    • UFO Desk
    • UFO Engine
    • UFO Golden Plate
    • UFO Golden PlateCover
    • UFO Grow Room Props
    • UFO HoverBoard
    • UFO Injector Syringe
    • UFO Monitors
    • UFO Research Table
    • UFO Scan Tool
    • UFO Seed
    • UFO Stage Pilot
    • UFO Tool Table Full
    • UFO Tool Table
    • UFO Wapen Staff
  • Go to Poses
    • UFO Go to Cockpit
    • UFO Go to Cargohold
    • UFO Go to Cryo Room
    • UFO Go to Disinfection Room
    • UFO Go to Engine Room
    • UFO Go to Grow Room
    • UFO Go to Hallway
    • UFO Go to Holding Room
    • UFO Go to Research Room
    • UFO Go to Situation Room
  • H.Poses:
    • UFO Pod Window Blinders Closed
    • UFO Pod Window Blinders Open
    • UFO Window Blinders Closed
    • UFO Window Blinders Open
  • Material Sets
    • UFO Cargohold Ceiling Light Off
    • UFO Cargohold Ceiling Light On
    • UFO Cargohold Floor Light Off/On
    • UFO Cargohold FloorPanel Light Off
    • UFO Cargohold FloorPanel Light On
    • UFO Cargohold TractorB Energy S High
    • UFO Cargohold TractorB Energy S Low
    • UFO Cargohold TractorB Energy S Off
    • UFO Cryo chamber Lights Off/On
    • UFO Cryo Room Desk Displays Off/On
    • UFO Cryo room Lights Off/On
    • UFO Disinfection Chamber Lights High
    • UFO Disinfection Chamber Lights Normal
    • UFO Disinfection Chamber Lights Off
    • UFO Disinfection Room Lights Off/On
    • UFO Engine Display Off/On
    • UFO Engine Room Lights Off/On
    • UFO Desk Grow Room Displays Off/On
    • UFO Greenhouse props Lights Off
    • UFO Greenhouse props Lamp Lights Green
    • UFO Greenhouse props Lamp Lights Blue
    • UFO Greenhouse props Strip Lights On
    • UFO Grow Room Light Off/On
    • UFO Hallway All Lights On
    • UFO Hallway Ceiling Light Off/On
    • UFO Hallway Floor Light Off/On
    • UFO Holding R Ceiling Lights Off/On
    • UFO Holding R Floor Lights Off/On
    • UFO Desk Research Displays Off/On
    • UFO Research Ceiling Light Desk Off/On
    • UFO Research Ceiling Light Off/On
    • UFO Research Floor Light Off/On
    • UFO Research T Scanner Light Off/On
    • UFO Research Table Display Off/On
    • UFO Research Table Light Top Bow Off/On
    • UFO Research Table Lights Off/On
    • UFO Desk Situation Displays Off/On
    • UFO Monitors Off/On
    • UFO Situation R Ceiling Light Off/On
    • UFO Situation R Main Light Off/On
    • UFO DiskBottom Ring Lights Off/On
    • UFO DiskLow Front Light Off/On
    • UFO Door Mechanism Off/On
    • UFO Light Stripes Back Off/On
    • UFO Light Stripes Front Off/On
    • UFO Pod Bottom Light Off/On
    • UFO Pod Ceiling Lights Off/On
    • UFO Pod Cockpit Monitors DashButtons Off/On
    • UFO Pod Cockpit Monitors Displays Off/On
    • UFO Pod Floor Lights Off/On
  • Textures Included:
    • 67 Textures (128 x 128 to 8192 x 8192)
  • Daz Studio Iray Material Presets (.DUF)

Compatible Software:

DAZ Studio 4.10

Install Types:

Daz Connect, Install Manager, Manual Install