Quick Scenes - Deco Splash Pool

Quick Scenes - Deco Splash Pool

This is a fun and easy to use 3D pool environment quick scene for Daz Studio, using Iray.

You get a cool modern decorative splash pool set, a cloudy blue sky background, 16 stucco wall color presets, 10 glossy wall options, two beach balls, and two tubes. There are five different water material presets for a variety of different looks. You get three different floor options, including a gorgeous glossy wet-look floor. You can even load the scene with, or without the center platform. We have included nine different lighting presets using only the sun-sky and default HDRI that come with Daz. No additional lighting is required, and all of the included scenes and promo images were created with only these presets. You get five unique scene setups complete with five poses to go with those setups - for both Genesis 3 and Genesis 8 Females.

You are not limited to just recreating our promo scenes. All of the props and poses can be used independently to create your own scenes, or use them in any other scene you want.

This is a ready to render product with everything you need to quickly and easily duplicate our promo images, or have fun customizing and creating your own scenes.

We hope you enjoy this easy to use 3D set for Daz Studio, and we welcome your feedback. Thank you for your interest!

Please note:

This product does not include characters, expressions, hair, clothing, jewelry, or anything else not specified above. These items are used in the promo images for marketing and promotional purposes only.

Compatible figures: 
Quick Scenes - Deco Splash Pool | 3D Models for Daz Studio and Poser