SC20 Botanical Garden

SC20 Botanical Garden

Sci-fi Botanical Garden for the SC20 Project comes with 5 different kinds of pods, 3 tables, and so many presets, like attachable lamps and so on to create a high-quality rendered environment.

The pack also contains Night/Day light presets, 4 plants, render settings, and many cameras.

It is also equipped with a Plant preset that could be used with additional 3rd-party packs (check related products), and prepared to be used with upcoming material add-on with different colors and a 'Worn' Top Coat.

What's Included and Features

  • Botanical Garden (.DUF)
    • Botanical Garden
    • Lamp V0101
    • Lamp V0102
    • Lamp V0103
    • Lamp V0104
    • POD 2x2 Hi
    • POD 2x2 Low
    • POD 4x10 Low
    • POD 6x2 Hi
    • POD 6x2 Low
    • Pot
    • Table V01
    • Table V02
    • Table V03
    • Palm V0101
    • Plant BLeaf V01
  • Presets
    • POD 2x2 Soil
    • POD 6x2 Soil
    • Plant Fern V0101
    • Plant Fern V0102
    • BLeaf for 2x2
    • POD 2x2 Low Lamps
    • POD 4x10 Low Lamps
    • Ferns for 4X10
    • Ferns for 6X2
    • Ferns in pots for Table V01
    • Ferns in pots for Table V02
    • Ferns in pots for Table V03
    • Palm for 2x2
    • Plants for 6x2 Hi
    • Plants for 6x2 Low
    • Pots with Ferns for 2x2
  • Materials
    • Emission Default - Ceiling-Walls-Gates
    • Emission Default - Pods
    • Emission Night - Ceiling-Walls-Gates
    • Emission Night - Pods
  • Render settings
    • Default - C00
  • Textures Include
    • 40 Texture, Normals, Transparency, Roughness, Metallic maps(256 x 256 to 4096 x 4096)
  • Daz Studio Material Presets for Iray

Compatible Software:

Daz Studio 4.15

Install Types:

DazCentral, Daz Connect, DIM, Manual Install