Sims 4 Bella Goth 2014 G8F Morph

Sims 4 Bella Goth 2014 G8F Morph

Bella Goth from Sims 4 main game in her 2014 version.

- extract or copy the "data" folder to DAZ Studio "My Library"
- load a G8F or G8.1F base figure and find the morph files in DAZ Studio Parameters tab: Morphs > Morph Loader or type "Sims4" into the search bar

Released under Creative Commons license CC-BY-NC-ND - The licensor permits others to copy, display and perform the work for non-commercial purposes only. The distribution of derivatives is not permitted. "The Sims 4" and game character Bella Goth are property of Maxis and Electronic Arts.

This is a morph file only. Other items used for promo pics include:
DAZ Millarose Materials / TW3 Corinne Hair by chirpychirp99 (deviantart) / Low Rider Bikini by pjz99 (renderosity) / Collier (Photoshop-edited) by perlk (deviantart) / eveything else: Photoshop (including makeup and the red dress) - Find a list of direct links with this download.

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