Sims 4 Candy Behr G8F Morph

Sims 4 Candy Behr G8F Morph

This morph is a rip from my own Sims 4 game files. I've put focus on authenticity of face and body, less on practicality: The Sims 4 in-game body design features raised breasts and a compressed pelvis. So, not all of your wardrobe items will fit to this morph. At least, this morph is pretty much an exact interpretation of the original Sims character file - plus toes. Sims 4 characters actually have no toes! :D

- extract or copy the "data"- folder to DAZ Studio "My Library"
- load a G8F or G8.1F base figure and find the morph files in DAZ Studio Parameters tab: Morphs > Morph Loader or type "Sims" in search bar

Released under Creative Commons license CC-BY-NC-ND - The licensor permits others to copy, display and perform the work for non-commercial purposes only. The distribution of derivatives is not permitted. "The Sims 4" and game character Candy Behr are property of Maxis and Electronic Arts.

Full body morph file only. Items used for promo pics: DAZ Studio basic materials / edited combination of different hair styles by SpartanPig95 and chirpychirp99 (both on Deviantart) / Low Rider bikini by Excessive (I forgot where I found them.)

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