Stardust Glitter Makeup Merchant Resource Bundle

Stardust Glitter Makeup Merchant Resource Bundle

Stardust Makeup Merchant Resource is a massive pack with thousands and thousands of combinations of everything glitter. These packs contain pieces that can be compiled together to customize makeup looks, create fantasy combinations, and can all be mixed and matched.

Stardust is built with a series of 17 Geometry Shells, 40 Stardust Colors, and 79 total transparencies! Use as many or as little as you need to create the custom glittery look you're searching for, OR take advantage of the FIFTY premades!

  • This Bundle includes:
    • Stardust Glitter Salon
    • Stardust Glitter Eyeshadows
    • Stardust Glitter Fantasy Makeup

Tips and Tricks for Stardust Makeup Packs:

  • Whether you have one Stardust pack or are combining them with others, using them is quite easy, once you get the hang of it.
  • Salon and Fantasy packs have 5 shells, and Eyeshadow has 6 Shells. Think of these shells as your 'layers'. You will find them in your scene tab.
  • Make sure you click on Genesis 8 Female before loading your shells.
  • When working with the shells, if you were to click on the shell labeled "Outer Eye" you will then be able to customize just that part of the product and what it shows, namely, the outer eye. By clicking on Outer Shell, you are then able to go within the Stardust folders to where your transparencies are supplied. Simply click on the transparency you want, and navigate to the colors folder to change the color of it. Clicking on "Inner Eye" will then of course make changes to just your inner eye.

The only hierarchical materials in this package are the Premade Sets, the rest of the mats are standard so any adjustments you want to make have to be made to their prospective shell(s), otherwise you might affect your Genesis 8 Female base.

The flat nail polish colors however, could easily be applied to Genesis 8 Female instead of using a shell, as the shell is more for the nail designs. The Stardust packs allow a total of 16 shells to be loaded at one time, though you probably won't end up needing them all. Each Geometry Shell lays one on top of the other, with shells like eyeshadow base being underneath the inner eye, to make sure that the inner eye lays on top, just like if you were applying eyeshadow in real life.

Not interested in making anything fancy? There are 50 premade H.Mat Presets for you to choose from!

This product is a merchant resource.

Compatible Figures:

Genesis 8 Female

Compatible Software:

DAZ Studio 4.10

Install Types:

Look at individual products in this bundle for install types

Compatible figures: